Feminists take ABSURD stance on Sharia law

Feminists have become an aggressive bunch nowadays – viciously fighting against sexism wherever it exists, and wherever it doesn’t.

There seems to be much more attention to faux-sexism (manspreading, microaggressios, etc.) than actual sexism (such as the treatment of women in the Muslim world). This very real problem is often ignored because the fear of being deemed “racist” (as if Islam is a race) or “Islamophobic.”

It isn’t just a trend for feminists to ignore Islamic misogyny. It’s policy.

Via Breitbart

The UK feminist Women’s Equality Party has admitted it has no position on Sharia courts and laws.

In a brief email exchange, the feminist led-political movement admitted their they did not take a position on Sharia inspired laws or the many Sharia courts which continue to grow in number in Britain. The email came after activist, and PEGIDA UK campaigner, Anne Marie Waters questioned the group after receiving a promotional email from them.

Just to give some background, there are eighty five Sharia Courts in the UK dispensing Islamic “justice.” The kind of “justice” where a woman witness is only counted as half a male witness.

Ms. Waters asked the group what their stance was on Sharia courts to which the group replied: “The Women’s Equality Party is a non-partisan political party and the issue of Sharia councils is a partisan one so we do not have a party line.” The group maintained, however, that they were working with “those who have been forced into marriage or suffered FGM (female genital mutilation) or honour-based violence.”

So apparently the issue of Sharia councils is a “political” one, which they don’t tackle. A bizarre claim, considering that Party has positions on abortion, legislating gender pay equity, and a host of other partisan issues.

Sharia courts in the UK have come under criticism by the government as many who are opposed to the courts accusing them of arranging marriages and facilitating the abuse of women. The courts are said to do everything they can to prevent divorce among Muslims and have little regard for battered women who wish to leave their husbands. The Sharia courts have even told women who have gone through secular divorce proceedings that “the secular divorce counts as nothing.”

This should serve as a reminder of the consequences of political correctness if we continue to let it run amok.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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