Whoa: Trump RESPONDS to Paul Ryan ‘not ready’ to support him…

In the past two days, since Donald Trump has more or less officially become the GOP nominee, many who formerly weren’t so supportive are now starting to rally around him.

At the same time, others continue to draw a hard line and suggest they’ll carry their #NeverTrump banner all the way to Hillary Clinton or even a third-party candidate.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — the highest elected Republican in office — made headlines today when he told CNN he’s “not ready” to back his party’s presumptive nominee.

“I hope to though, and I want to,” he said. “But what is required is to unify this party. And the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee.”

Naturally, Trump did not let Ryan’s comments slip by without a response. And what he says may signal some very interesting times ahead.

Via The Hill:

Donald Trump says he’s not ready to support House Speaker Paul Ryan’s agenda — a pointed counterpunch after Ryan criticized the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

“I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda,” Trump said in a statement. 

“Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!”

Trump’s comments are likely to generate some cheers from his fervent supporters. Many suggest one of the key drivers behind Trump’s unexpected and unprecedented rise is the fact that many GOP voters feel the representatives they’ve sent to Washington have failed to live up to their promises — and failed to represent the constituents who sent them there.

The notion that the so-called Republican “establishment” is disconnected from its constituents and/or unwilling to represent the will of the people has only been reinforced by attempts to thwart the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Paul Ryan and the Congress in which he plays a key leadership role are certainly viewed as part of that.

Trump’s stance on putting the American people first is bound to be music to many people’s ears.

And of course, we’ll be right here with y’all to hold *all* of our leaders accountable to the people.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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