Uh-oh: Establishment Republicans hatching secret PLOT…

Today, in his email newsletter “Mullings,” political pundit Rich Galen wrote, The first day of the end of any primary is a bad time to test the sympathies of the voters who supported the loser. The wounds are raw. The statements are harsh. The disappointment is deep.

Over time, the wounds (for the most part) heal. The statements, while not proclaiming undying fealty, are at least benign; and the disappointment gives way to the reality of what the consequences will be of your party losing.

Well, those consequences have apparently not permeated the consciousness of the GOP establishment, which is continuing to consciously ignore the will of the people.

The people are behind Donald Trump. The establishment is NOT.

As radio host Larry O’Connor wrote for Hot Air today, Former Bush (41) Administration official and Editor of The Weekly Standard, BillKristol, is working with other establishment Republicans in Washington DC to identify a viable, third party candidate for president.

Kristol dropped the bombshell on “Mornings on the Mall,” the morning talk show I co-host with Brian Wilson on WMAL in Washington DC.

Kristol opened the interview by saying, “I feel like we should do better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I suspect the Lord would reward us if we try hard to find a better president for the country than those two people”

When pressed by Wilson if that meant he thought there should be a third party candidate, he said, “I think there are many, many, many people who would be better than Clinton or Trump.”

I pressed him and asked if he was actively working on identifying a candidate and working with fundraisers for a third party run. “I’m trying to. I mean ‘working’ is a little bit… well, ‘working’ I guess is the term you could use,” he said.

I asked Kristol if he could identify a policy that Trump has proposed that keeps him from voting Republican this year. Kristol said his motivation had more to do with Trump’s “character” and “temperament” as traits that preclude him from being eligible for the Oval Office.

Kristol also revealed he’d be raising the issue tonight with Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) but when I asked if Romney or Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) would be his choice for a third party run he demurred and suggested that a choice such as that would appear to be “sour grapes.”


What is the value of handing this election to Hillary Clinton and enduring (a minimum of) four more years of this progressive socialist disaster? I (Michele Hickford) personally feel the GOP establishment would MUCH rather have Clinton in the White House because the game for them would be pretty much what it is now – and has been. They know how to play and get ahead. The hell with the rest of us schlubs, who actually have to live under the policies.

You know, we often talk about the elitist “limousine liberals” who fly around in their private jets, spreading hypocrisy and sequins all over the nation while they tell the little people how to live. We clearly have our own version on this side of the aisle – sanctimonious conservatives who think they know better, and would willingly hand the election and the country over to progressive socialists who are systematically destroying every traditional institution in our nation.

We need to be endorsing and supporting AMERICA. And how anyone can think Hillary Clinton and a continuation of Obama’s policies would be the better choice to do that is beyond me. The Koch brothers are even considering supporting Clinton over Trump because they don’t like his tone.

Are you frigging kidding me?

Have we become so wimpy as a nation that we must reject someone because they say mean things? Or we don’t like their hair?

I truly pray Rich Galen is right when he says the wounds will eventually heal, and we will see some unity in the end. We cannot allow Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) to be the president and commander in chief of these United States.


[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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