MEDIA BLACKOUT: What they’re not telling you about the Navy SEAL killed in Iraq

I heard about this story while I was on the Kyle Petty Charity ride. I was riding along on my motorcycle enjoying the beauty of the Texas Big Bend Park considering our blessings. Here we were taking in the sweet aroma of freedom and liberty as a young man was giving the ultimate sacrifice.

As reported by Fox News, “Charlie Keating IV, the Navy SEAL shot dead by ISIS in Iraq on Tuesday, set aside a promising future in sports to join the terror fight overseas, according to some of his friends.

Keating, 31, died in combat in the town of Tel Askuf, likely from AK-47 fire, officials said. He was the third American serviceman to die in combat in Iraq since the U.S.-led coalition launched its anti-ISIS campaign in the summer of 2014.

The Navy SEAL was a former Phoenix high school star distance runner who went on to run cross country and track at Indiana University before attending the Naval Academy and becoming a SEAL based out of San Diego.

His mother, Krista Joseph of Jacksonville, Fla., said her son wanted to serve his country and that he died doing what he loved. She added, “he was our golden boy with a million-dollar smile and a heart of gold.” The Navy SEAL was part of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) sent in to rescue fewer than a dozen U.S. troops who were in the village “advising and assisting” the Kurdish Peshmerga, U.S. military spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters.

The U.S. troops who were on the ground had to fight back before the QRF troops arrived. “They fought back… They fought out,” Warren said, adding that one truck bomb and a bulldozer broke through a Peshmerga check point and began a sprint to Tel Askuf.”

This is the danger of the “mission creep” focus of the Obama administration. It is also reflective of combat — not a training and advisory mission. Just ask any of the early-on U.S. Army Special Forces operators who were deployed into Vietnam to “train” the South Vietnamese. What were “fewer than a dozen” U.S. troops doing in a village where they didn’t have adequate fire support?

This is no different from last month’s attack on a Marine fire base in northern Iraq where one Marine lost his life and nine others were wounded. And if there was an ISIS force substantial enough that the QRF had to be deployed, something went very wrong, folks.

Back in January we witnessed a U.S. Army Special Forces team being trapped in Marjah, Afghanistan — an American lost his life there too. This is why I was completely beside myself with the announcement of 250 troops to be deployed into Syria.

But I have to ask, where is the mainstream liberal media coverage? Y’all know that daily when George W. Bush was president, if there was a loss of an American life in Iraq or Afghanistan it was covered everywhere. Now, we hardly hear a peep because it’s their guy in the White House.

Can you imagine if it had been a Democrat president who had stabilized Iraq or Afghanistan only to have a Republican president come in and muck it all up? Yes, the stories would have been incessant and relentless, yet the progressive socialist left, still after seven years, finds a way to blame Bush.

A new friend of mine here in Dallas saw the movie “Lone Survivor” for the first time, and she emailed me and asked, how could this have happened? She could not believe combat Special Operators were having a debate discussion behind enemy lines and made a decision based on fear of reprisal, not from the enemy, but from our own media — and the military legal system.

I just have to admit, I don’t think President Obama gives a damn. Everyone is asking about Donald Trump giving more details and specifics on his foreign policy and national security strategy. How hypocritical, no one pressures the sitting president about sending 250 troops into the cauldron of combat in the most confused situation ever — Syria. No one asks Obama how can it be that he doesn’t refer to these operations as combat, just overseas training contingency operations. No one pressures the sitting President Obama about his strategy on shrinking the sphere of influence of ISIS and defeating them in detail. And please, even SecDef Ash Carter doesn’t believe we’re in a winning situation.

No one asks Hillary Clinton, who wants to be commander in chief, how she could abandon Americans to die and then lie about it — a certain disqualifier for anyone with a conscience. Then again, perhaps we now see the progressive socialists for who they are. They actually don’t have a conscience when it comes to protecting our men and women in uniform. They’ll use our military for political and ideological purposes, as they did leading up to the 2008 election — but they truly do not care.

Charles Keating IV did not have to lose his life. He just didn’t have a commander in chief who considered him when he answered the call and deployed. Our Warriors will always answer the call, but the sad thing is we have no one in the White House who has ever walked that walk.

Overwhelming combat power means our troops know they have all the requisite firepower to ensure an engagement with the enemy isn’t a fair fight — if it is, your tactics suck. Those Sailors didn’t need to be forced to their knees at gunpoint by the Iranians. Our Naval destroyer didn’t need to be buzzed by a Russian fighter jet. We must all pray a day is coming when the pride and honor of the American Warrior will be restored, because there will be a Warrior in the White House.

They may have a suit on, but underneath beats the heart of a Spartan. One who has been tested in the crucible of fire, not a damn community organizer, or a privileged pathological liar and political elitist…and certainly not a doggone socialist.

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