What Trump just said should give Hillary NIGHTMARES

In the wake of last night’s resounding results in Indiana’s critical primary — leading both Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John ‘Quixote’ Kasich to suspend their presidential campaigns — presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump can turn his full focus to his general election opponent.

Regardless of the will of the general Democrat voters, it appears the Democrat establishment will make certain that person is Hillary Clinton.

And what the Trump campaign just said about Hillary should be enough to give her nightmares.

Via The Hill:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is optimistic about his chances of winning a general election match-up versus Hillary Clinton because she hasn’t been vetted before, spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said Wednesday.

“Oh, absolutely,” Pierson said in response to a question about Trump’s enthusiasm for facing Clinton in November. “Mainly because Hillary Clinton has never been truly vetted before. Particularly by the media,” she said to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall.

“How many times has Hillary Clinton been asked about the specific role in Benghazi outside of the testimony?” Pierson asked.

Pierson said younger voters need to be informed about Clinton’s past.

“There’s an entire generation of voters out there that know nothing about Hillary Clinton other than what they have heard in the last two to three years,” she said.

My thoughts exactly.

Say what you will about Trump — while we have a huge base of ardent Trump supporters out there, I know we have in almost equal measure Cruz supporters still reeling from the past 24 hours — but if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that he’ll go where others haven’t dared go before. And, fortunately for those of us in the #NeverHillary camp, that includes airing her checkered past, challenging her failed policies and actions, and calling out her hypocrisy and lies.

Anyone else notice that the Queen didn’t grace supporters with a speech on Indiana’s primary night? I have to wonder if she was too distraught to show her face. Between losing (again) to that pesky socialist who should have long ago been swatted away and the prospect of what’s likely to be slung her way between now and November, who can blame her?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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