Time to get real: Here’s what we MUST do before it’s too late

Ok folks, here’s the deal. I’m writing this at 12:05 am CT here in Dallas. On Tuesday I rode from Big Bend Ranch State Park to the Big Bend National Park to Marathon Texas to Del Rio Texas to San Antonio and then back home to Dallas. Fourteen hours on the bike and I arrived back home at 10:30 pm. I want to send out a special shout out to my brother Army veteran and Patriot Guard rider, Jean Clark, who rode with me these few days from Dallas. And I pray all the Kyle Petty Charity riders remain safe as their journey continues to their final stop, Biloxi, Mississippi.

Whew, I am totally beat down and still have my 5 am wake up for morning PT and my 7 am Wednesday Park Cities Rotary Club meeting. But I do have to take the time to say a few things…

Boy howdy, it was kinda nice to check out and have spotty cell coverage for a few days. But when I got home this evening there were 54 emails and 17 text messages, because it appears there was something happening Tuesday.

And so it was when I arrived home that my eldest daughter Aubrey clued me in on the happenings of the Indiana presidential primary.

Now, if there’s one thing giving me quite a bit of entertainment it’s watching Bernie Sanders confound Hillary Clinton. And now she has to go into West Virginia, where she’s already talked about putting coal miners out of work.

Message to Hillary: those are proud folks who don’t want to be a part of the liberal progressive welfare dependency state. Just imagine what would be happening in the Democrat race if there were no such thing as “super delegates?” I was recently asked how and why this is something the Dems have and not the GOP.

The Democrat Party established the system of super delegates after the horrific failure of Senator George McGovern (D-South Dakota) as their presidential nominee. If you consider the McGovern phenomenon, it very closely mirrors the socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The Democrats created the super delegates as the “gate keepers” to preclude another McGovern — oops.

Now you have history repeating itself and a far left progressive socialist base that knows what it wants, and it’s NOT Hillary Clinton. The funny thing is that the liberal media doesn’t want to cover the internecine fighting in the Democrat Party — but it’s very evident.

And it appears that on the GOP side, Donald Trump has won this season of “Political Survivor.” He’s the last one left on the island. Yes, I know, Governor John Kasich is still in the primary contest, but he was last seen on the island mumbling to himself in a delirious state.

So, it happened, Trump crushed it in Indiana and since Senator Ted Cruz had pulled out all the stops, he announced his suspension of the campaign. Look, I don’t want to get into the whole GOP presidential primary thing. Regardless of what I say, some folks will take objective analysis personally.

Here is my late night observation. The GOP needs good strong conservatives in the U.S. Senate. There’s nothing wrong with a first-term senator becoming a second-term senator and perhaps becoming Majority Leader or Whip. My fear is that these three senators have damaged their political futures — Marco Rubio certainly has. Rubio will not be running for the senate seat this year, and as for his thoughts of running for governor in Florida I have two words: Adam Putnam.

Do I believe the whole “Never Trump” movement will continue? If it does, it will not be a smart move. The best thing at this time is to influence who the supporting cast will be for the presumptive GOP nominee. The last thing needed is a pure populist. We need a group of folks who will advise and not be sycophants — too much is at stake. So, we must be focused on preventing a third Obama term, not our own respective likes and dislikes.

Ok, I am dead tired. Heading to bed.


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