Here’s Twitter’s most BRUTAL reactions to Trump’s victory (for and against)

It was a stunning night, don’t you think? I wasn’t able to unwind until almost 1 am ET and slept fitfully. No matter where you stand on Donald Trump’s crushing win in Indiana, there’s no doubt we have a battle royal ahead to stop Hillary Clinton from picking out drapes for the Oval Office.

The twitterverse was aflame with reactions to Trump’s win and the crushing defeat for Cruz. Here (courtesy of Independent Journal) are some of the more memorable ones – starting with The Donald himself.

The #NeverTrump crowd was quick to stand their ground.

But the Trump supporters got their shots in for sure.

Nonetheless, Cruz supporters were not yet willing to consider unifying.

However, as Col. West wrote this morning, we need to pull together to defeat Hillary. We cannot allow this country to slip further into the abyss.

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