BREAKING: After Trump takes Indiana, Kasich makes HUGE move…

This has been an astonishing 24 hours. Donald Trump crushes Ted Cruz in Indiana, forcing Ted Cruz to drop out of the race. But what about John Kasich?

Now we know.

As Fortune just reported, Ohio Gov. John Kasich will announce the suspension of his campaign for President of the United States, senior advisers told NBC News Wednesday.

Kasich has cancelled a press conference in Virginia and plans to make a statement from Columbus, a day after one of his last remaining rivals, Ted Cruz, ended his campaign. Kasich has faced increasing pressure to drop out of the race to clear the path for front-runner Donald Trump to win the nomination.

Kasich had planned fundraisers in the Washington, D.C., area Wednesday. He had planned to address reporters at Dulles Airport but his campaign says he is no longer going there.

Whew. So now we can unify, right?

Interestingly, a new CNN/ORC poll released today provides some insight as to why Kasich was holding on as long as he did.

The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night, found Clinton leads 54 percent to 41 percent, a 13-point edge over the New York businessman, her largest lead since last July.

However, this one question – and granted this poll was fielded before Trump’s decisive win in Indiana – may be the key to why John Kasich continued his march towards what he hoped to be a contested convention.

As he had mentioned many times, according to the polls – you can believe them or not – Kasich consistently beat Clinton in a head-to-head match-up.


Nonetheless, Kasich is expected to suspend his campaign and will make an official announcement at 5 pm ET tonight.

My fellow not-liberals, we must not allow a Democrat to win the White House. I’m quite certain it will take some time for the dust to settle after last night, but Republicans have an opportunity to coalesce while Sanders and Clinton continue to duke it out for what seems to be an inevitable outcome with Hillary as the nominee.

But we cannot give up and sit this one out.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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