BREAKING: Bus hijacked; one DEAD

No, this wasn’t in Israel. It’s right here in our nation’s capital.

NBC Washington reports, A man attacked a Metrobus driver with a weapon and hijacked his bus Tuesday morning, D.C. police said. The bus then drove into a gas station parking lot and struck an employee, who later died.

Police say the suspect boarded the bus in the 3800 block of Jay Street in Northeast D.C. about 10:30 a.m. When the bus arrived at its next stop, the suspect got up and attacked the driver with a weapon, which some described as a tool such as needle-nosed pliers or a screwdriver.

The driver managed to get off the bus, but suffered a back injury. He is expected to recover.

All passengers managed to escape as well.

The suspect took control of the bus and drove a short distance, causing several crashes. He then drove the bus over the curb into a gas station where he struck and killed one of the employees.

Police have the suspect in custody but have released no further details other than he was “distraught and violent” when taken into custody.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said “it was uncharacteristic for a person to take a bus and attack a bus driver.”

Gee, ya THINK?

We’ll report on the identity and motive of the hijacker when more details are released…

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