What I just saw in El Paso, Texas has me VERY concerned

Greetings from El Paso, Texas and I gotta tell y’all, it feels more like December 1st, weather-wise, than May 1st. Regardless, it was a beautiful sunny day and I could see the entire city. I arrived Sunday at about 1pm MT and got checked in at the El Paso Marriott. The Kyle Petty Charity Ride group was inbound from Phoenix, Arizona by way of I-10 through New Mexico and were scheduled to arrive at approximately 6:30pm to Barnett Harley Davidson — and let me tell ya, that is one heck of a Harley-Davidson store!

So I had a few hours before my ride colleagues arrived. I’d met two veterans previously on the “Ride 2 Recover” bike ride that went from Houston to Ft Worth and highlights road cycling as a therapy for our wounded warriors. I served as a motorcycle escort for the ride on its final day from Cleburne to Ft. Worth. In meeting these two vets, one a Marine, the other a Soldier, I informed them I was coming to El Paso and so they met up with me and took me on an El Paso orientation ride.

We went up to the point that overlooks El Paso, population approximately 750,000, and clearly provides a vantage point to see over into Ciudad Juarez, population approximately 1.5 million, in Chihuahua County, Mexico. From that point you get an understanding of exactly how close these two cities are, and I mean doggone close. You can see the Rio Grande canal that separates the two cities, between the United States and Mexico.

While there, I was given a grassroots explanation of the issues with having these two cities so very close. First of all, there are U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints located on either side of El Paso along Interstate 10. It’s certainly a security cordon around the city. However, from the briefing I received, there are several things happening in the city that should cause concern.

First of all, there are students who reside in Ciudad Juarez crossing and attending schools who are using the addresses of others, potentially relatives, in order to gain access to the public schooling. Now, I have no issue with a child getting a good quality education but that should be for American children. And if this is the case, then how do you extract revenues for the funding of the local public schools?

We all know a certain percentage of local municipality and state taxes are “supposed” to fund education, so how do the parents of a child that isn’t a legal resident pay for that public education? I suppose the folks who live at the false address are paying, then again, what if they’re residing in El Paso illegally?

Another point that was brought to my attention — that I’ll have to research — is the issue of sales tax refunds for those who cross over into El Paso and purchase goods. I guess folks will say it’s a boost to the local economy, but if true, why are they getting a sales tax refund? I don’t think the shops in El Paso are “duty free.”

Lastly, they told me that usually, there is an atmospheric layer that hangs over Cuidad Juarez that’s clearly distinguishable from El Paso. I guess we do care about our air quality in the United States, regardless of what liberal progressives claim. And as I stood there on that vantage point, my mind just wondered, how many residents of Cuidad Juarez are actually working in El Paso, or at least on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande?

Let me be very clear, I’m all about “legal” immigration but when the descriptive adjective begins with “illegal” then the discussion is very short. I’ve been watching the recent spate of violent protests out in California and must inquire, are these “American” kids protesting the border security of a sovereign Constitutional Republic? Ok, I probably would have to explain that point of inquiry with most of those yelling and screaming like banshees. As well, has the radical Hispanic progressive left become so blatantly fascist that they seek to shut down any discourse contrary to their beliefs? Hmm, methinks this is a dangerous occurrence and should not be taken lightly.

On November 30, 1785 George Washington wrote this in a letter to James Madison:

” We are either a united people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all matters of general concern act as a Nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.”

The most important national treasure we have is our sovereignty, and from that our citizenship. This is not just about the rhetoric of “building a wall” but we must piece by piece, issue by issue decipher the cancer that is illegal immigration in the United States. This has nothing to do with xenophobia or racism. Either you believe we are a nation or you do not, simple.

Illegal immigration is a multi-headed hydra that adversely affects many operational systems of the United States. It affects our taxation, our education, our healthcare, our national security, and our domestic criminality — as with President Obama releasing nearly 20,000 criminal illegal immigrants, which folks is redundant– meaning if you are here “illegally” you’ve already committed a crime — kinda redundant wouldn’t you say?

Why is this nation spending taxpayer funds on individuals here “illegally?” Why are individuals here illegally using our tax code and credits given back to them? Listen, this is not about a “path to citizenship” — we can have a system of work visas that are granted but we need to get Americans back working first, and stop giving folks the “participation trophy” of a welfare check. The message must be sent loud and clear: America has a front door, and we invite you to use it. And for all those who think those words absurd, then take the front door off your own home and allow anyone to come in and stay!

Standing there overlooking El Paso and Cuidad Juarez gave me a very clear perspective of the issues we’re facing. Driving my motorcycle down past the University of Texas, El Paso, I could see just how close that border REALLY is — by the way the Sun Bowl is an incredible feat of construction engineering.

We’re not doing everything to secure our border, and I can tell you that here in El Paso, I saw many a storefront for “Obamacare” in Spanish. After all, we know this administration has in the past advertised across the border about “free stuff.”

Tomorrow our ride takes us from El Paso through the Big Bend National Park to Lajitas, Texas…really close to the Mexican border. I think the aforementioned words of George Washington should resonate all over this country – I wish we had presidential candidates who used that quote and articulated our national objects and national character. One thing is for certain: It’s not about a bunch of maniacs forcing a U.S. presidential candidate to use the back door for his own speaking engagement.

That folks is FUBAR.


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