WOW: CNN host just ADMITTED what we’ve ALL been saying about Obama…

Some argue the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner is just another example of how cozy the press has become with the White House, leading to its failure to objectively digest the spin put forth by an administration.

However, last night as the media prepared for this annual tradition, CNN’s Brian Stelter suggested that coziness isn’t exactly  a problem with the current Obama administration. In fact, to the contrary, Stelter noted that the Obama administration is in many ways the least transparent administration ever.

Via Mediaite:

“The reality of this administration,” he said, “is access is very limited. In many ways, this is the least transparent administration ever in terms of access by media to what’s going on in this administration.”

CNN White House Correspondent Michelle Kosinski agreed that it’s “extremely controlled” and how colleagues have relayed that same idea that the Obama administration “give[s] you what they want to give you.”

As Mediaite notes, this is actually not the first time a reporter has made such a comment in recent years. CNN’s Jake Tapper recently called out Obama on this topic, noting that accessing information has been made “more difficult by his administration” than any other in recent history.

He brought up how not only has Obama not delivered on his promise for transparency…but FOIA obstruction has hit new records under his watch.

And it’s not just CNN. Associated Press reporter Matt Lee recently stormed out of an Obama administration briefing after State Department spokesman John Kirby dodged questions about the Brussels terror attacks.

We could go on… but the shock isn’t that the Obama administration is actually the least transparent administration ever. It’s that the press are increasingly seeming to not only recognize it, but also call them out on it.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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