THOUSANDS show up for Trump rally in California; meanwhile in Indiana…

Truth becomes a precious commodity during a presidential election cycle – and particularly this one. Truth may well be the undoing of Hillary Clinton, and truth is being constantly challenged on the Republican side with Donald Trump staking a large part of his campaign on whether or not Ted Cruz is “lyin.”

In any event, today we bring you the truth about one little moment on the campaign trail, which will have both Trump and Cruz supporters upset.

Yesterday, Donald Trump crowed that 31,000 people crammed into the Orange County Pacific Amphitheatre to support him with many more outside trying to get in.

Well, the only problem is, the amphitheater’s current capacity is really only 8,500. According to the OC Weekly, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told reporters that an estimated 3,000 people were left outside the speech, and about 8,000 people actually went inside.

So Trump was just a leetle bit off in his calculation. When does exaggeration become a lie? You tell me. Still…a crowd of 8,000 isn’t insignificant.

Meanwhile in Indiana…

The Gateway Pundit reports Cruz’s second rally in two days in Indiana was…well…underwhelming. In an auditorium that could hold a couple thousand people, fewer than 500 showed up.

Is this the real indicator of voter enthusiasm? We’ll know Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s the way Real Clear Politics sums up the polling data for Indiana.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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