My thoughts on last night…it’ll get your dander up for sure

There are many words to describe what happened in the GOP presidential primaries yesterday and these immediately come to mind — woodshed, Waterloo, whuppin’.

There were five contests yesterday, and Donald Trump absolutely took Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich out to the back 40. Yes, it’s on to Indiana and unless I’ve lost my mind, Trump has the endorsement of legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight — game on. The only other endorsement that could potentially trump Bobby Knight would be Larry Bird. In the end, the collusion strategy fell apart and in my assessment, will have lasting damage for Cruz and Kasich going forward.

Now, here’s the downside for Donald Trump. You’re on the path to victory, the magic 1,237: what now? It’s very easy to be a populist and say what you believe the crowd wants to hear. But there comes a time when you must address the all-important, one-word question of…how? I’ve been listening to every pundit argue over what Donald Trump should do next — should he just continue to be who he is or pivot. My recommendation is that he pivots and here’s why.

Donald Trump has gone out and made quite a few promises to folks with a very simple catchy slogan. In 2008, there was a person who created a political phenomenon with a catchy slogan. delivering soaring rhetoric and promises. He captured the American people and won in a landslide. He is now a clear and unquestionable failure.

Barack Obama constantly ranted about how he had inherited a mess — well, he took the situation to a new height of morass and no amount of rhetoric will rectify this situation. It’s going to require a focused and well-planned policy agenda plus the resolve to work with Congress to have that plan implemented. This isn’t just about “making America great again.” It’s truly about the restoration of a Constitutional Republic and to do that, you must have an effective policy agenda.

At this point in time, any consideration of RNC rules changes to muck up a contested convention must be discarded. This isn’t the time to have a major internecine fight when what’s at stake is our country. I’ve heard folks saying this election is now moving back to the Midwest and West and things will be different. I don’t see it that way. Now that Cruz and Kasich are mathematically eliminated from winning, the last thing we need is some insidious “Game of Thrones” playing out in reality — this is not a TV show (even thought it may seem that way sometimes).

Now, I’ve read the comments where folks are under some misguided perception that I’m for this candidate or the other.

Let me make myself very clear: I took an oath to the Constitution, not a party — and certainly not a person.

Going into this contest my belief was that Governor Scott Walker was a shoe-in and I felt Carly Fiorina was the most knowledgeable candidate. Whomever the GOP nominee is I will support, and it appears that person will be Donald Trump.

However, I would caution Donald Trump to learn something from the Battle of Zama where Hannibal of Carthage was defeated by the young Scipio (later named Scipio Africanus). Hannibal the great tactician, who brought the worst defeat to the Roman army ever at the Battle of Cannae, didn’t change his tactics. Scipio the Younger, who lost his father at Cannae had survived that defeat, learned Hannibal’s tactics, especially his use of elephants. And because Hannibal was predictable, he lost at Zama. I would suggest that Trump be adaptive and not predictable. That doesn’t mean become a Roman god Janus — but you must have a principled value base from which you operate.

This is going towards a Trump-Clinton general election contest — unless the FBI drops that bomb.

As for the Democrat contest, Hillary Clinton should celebrate her victories but one thing remains — she has not convinced the Sanders supporters to trust her. As well, Sanders is actually dictating the primary narrative and has driven Hillary Clinton very far to the left. She’s now in a position and has made statements from which she cannot retreat.

And every foreign policy failure of the Obama administration she will have to own, or piss off the far left by trying to distance herself from it. One thing is for certain — I want to see her explain the success of the “Russian reset button.” Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton will struggle with the aftermath of Libya, now a sanctuary for Islamic jihadists.

Senator Bernie Sanders is not going to drop out because of one thing: he’s still raising money. And his supporters are very loyal — reminds me of the Ron Paul supporters. Sanders will take his candidacy right to Philadelphia and the DNC convention. When you talk about a brokered convention, the Dems are going to have to broker a deal with Bernie Sanders.

In closing, let’s be honest today. The question is, why are Ted Cruz and John Kasich still in this contest? And honestly, I think they’re struggling to convince themselves as to why they’re still there. Y’all may get your dander up about my saying so, but save your angst.

The bottom line is that it would have been best for those still in the contest against Donald Trump to talk about what they’re running for, not what they’re running against. Americans are looking for a champion to enter the arena — and if you haven’t come to the realization now, then understand our electoral system has become more reality TV than anything else.

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