HILARIOUS: Liberal math explains how Bernie could still WIN

There’s a fine line between enthusiasm and insanity, and the “bern victims” of this election cycle are increasingly inching towards that line.

As of today, Bernie Sanders needs to score 82 percent of the remaining 1,276 delegates – an increasingly impossible task. Still, far-left sites like Mother Jones and Alternet assure us that he can still win the nomination. Hint: he cant.

I’ve seen a few images circulating on Facebook showing how “close” the delegate count is between Bernie and Hillary Clinton, but they often neglect Super Delegates in those calculations to misrepresent reality. The equal opportunity offenders over at College Humor put together a perfect video explaining why Bernie Sanders is actually winning! All you have to do is use “Bernie Math.”

The top comment on the video reads “Reason Bernie is Winning: Hillary will be sent to jail by the FBI and the DoJ,” and that’s much more plausible than any other reason Bernie’s fans have given us so far!

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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