Ultra-lefties launch NEW plan to stop Hillary — it’s CRAZY

Just how far-left is George Soros? So far-left that even Hillary may have to worry about his manipulation of the political process.

The Soros-backed website MoveOn.org was formed to encourage Congress to “move on” from Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, but they don’t share the love for his wife.

Currently, while Hillary Clinton is trouncing Sanders in delegate count, the majority of her lead is due to super delegates pledging their allegiance to her. Because of that, as Breitbart reports, MoveOn.org is trying to change the rules:

MoveOn.org, which supports Bernie Sanders’ campaign, has garnered 187,315 signatures for a petition calling for the Democratic Party nomination to be decided by popular vote and not by so-called superdelegates who are largely party insiders.

“That’s why we’re calling on all the Democratic superdelegates to pledge to back the will of the voters at the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia” in July, states the petition.

The petition continues: “Bernie won New Hampshire. And by a hair, Hillary won Iowa. In other words, there’s a long Democratic primary ahead, possibly fought all the way to the convention.

But there’s a problem: There are 712 superdelegates—made up of Democratic elected officials and other prominent party leaders—who have the power to tip the scales, potentially shifting the vote at the convention to whomever they choose. This process is undemocratic and fundamentally unfair to Democratic primary voters.”

Considering that Hillary is leading Bernie by 2.7 million popular votes, the strategy is questionable, at best.

It’s obviously unlikely however that Bernie will win, and a hedge fund manager like Soros knows how to hedge his bets. Hillary has received $8 million in funding by Soros, while Bernie has through his portfolio of leftist groups he funds. If either Democrat wins, Soros wins.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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