North Korea promises to “halt” nuke program; Obama’s response is SCARY

This will be a very short one because the message is quite simple to comprehend — a very perplexing hypocrisy. In the theater of foreign policy, one should strive for consistency, as stability is a sure sign of the measured hand of leadership. It’s the singular quality others seek in order to inspire confidence and it’s the quality clearly lacking in our current president, Barack Obama.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “President Obama said Sunday that he does not take seriously North Korea’s “overtures” to stop its nuclear weapons program. He responded to a report this weekend that a top North Korean official said his country would cease nuclear tests if the United States suspends its annual military exercises with South Korea. Speaking at a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a visit to the European state, Obama said North Korea needs to do a better job at showing the world it is ready to put aside “provocative behaviors” before the international community allows international talks about reducing tensions in the region.

“We don’t take seriously a promise to simply halt until the next time they decide to do a test, these kinds of activities,” Obama said. “What we’ve said consistently dating back to the Six Party Talks, is that if North Korea shows seriousness in denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, then we will be prepared to enter into serious conversations with them about reducing tensions and our approach to protecting our allies in the region.”

So, can I ask the obvious question: what was it about Iran that made Obama so trusting? Why was it that the number one state sponsor of Islamic terror who attacked us, going back to 1983 the Beirut barracks bombing, garnered his trust?

There can be no debate that Iran has been far more dangerous and belligerent towards the United States. How can it be that Obama can believe in the Islamists of Iran yet portray some unrighteous indignation towards North Korea and Kim Jung Un? Doggone, doesn’t he comprehend that Iran and North Korea are birds of a feather?

This is what completely confuses our allies and emboldens our enemies creating gaps by which we are exploited. In the end, Obama will do nothing to thwart the advances of North Korea, just talk. And this is the same talk that began with President Bill Clinton and his trust of North Korea leading to this moment. So ask yourself, where will Obama’s trust of Iran lead?

The president said such an offer in the wake of a missile test this weekend is hardly grounds for opening the door to negotiations.

“They’re going to have to do better than that,” Obama said. “And until they do, we’re going to continue to emphasize our work with the Republic of Korea and Japan and our missile defense mechanisms to assure we’re keeping … our allies safe.

The dummy question is, what’s the difference with the missile tests being conducted by Iran, resulting in their receiving billions of dollars? Maybe we can just buy off North Korea and they can sell us their heavy water for $8.6 million just like Iran. Heck, does anyone blame little pudgy Kim with the bad haircut? He sees the deal the Iranians got. And what of our allies in the Middle East, such as Israel? I guess they don’t deserve safety since we’ve bankrolled the country that calls for their destruction.

In conclusion, President Barack Obama has no consistency in his foreign policy. And this recent declaration clearly gives witness to his affinity towards those who support Islamic terrorism and jihadism. What he fails to understand is that enemies are enemies, and there’s a 21st century axis developing. Those who refuse to see that and make a resolute stand are the cowards of our day. Once again I have to say, it is a time for choosing.

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