MESSED UP: U.S. Just made new SICK deal with Iran

Let’s establish this point before going ahead, an agreement is something “agreed” to by both parties. It involves some type of document, contract, treaty, or binding statement, which has the signatories affixed. Now, it doesn’t guarantee any fulfillment of duties and responsibilities as we saw with Adolf Hitler’s violation of the Munich Accords. History tells us that when questioned, Hitler simply replied, “it was just a piece of paper.” And history is repeating itself, as we’ve failed to learn from it.

Folks, there is dumb, dumber, stuck on stupid, and a special kind of stupid. I would like to present you with more evidence that the Obama administration is certifiably a “special kind of stupid.”

As reported by Fox News, “The Obama administration will purchase 32 metric tons of nuclear material from Iran, U.S. officials confirmed, in a move likely to anger critics still reeling after Iran received billions in sanctions relief following the implementation of the nuclear deal in January.

The value of the deal: $8.6 million, The Wall Street Journal reports. State Dept. spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau would not rule out whether the U.S. would use taxpayer money for the transaction, saying it was possible Iran could use the cash to fund terrorism. A State Dept. official later told Fox News the transaction could involve U.S. dollars.

Iran sent the heavy water to Oman en route to its final destination: the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The lab’s director, Thom Mason, said workers were converting one research facility there to use heavy water instead of light water.

Heavy water is not radioactive. In its pure form, it has a density about 11 percent greater than water, but is otherwise physically and chemically similar. It’s an essential component in some types of reactors, both those that generate power and those designed to produce isotopes for nuclear weapons.

“It was fortuitous in terms of timing,” Mason told the Journal. Scientists say heavy water can be used in the process of making plutonium for nuclear weapons.”

First of all, using the above declaration, there is no agreement with Iran. The Iranians have signed nothing, yet we were stuck on stupid enough to release billions of dollars in unfrozen assets and lift economic sanctions. And now we’re “purchasing” 32 metric tons of heavy water from the Iranians for $8.6 million? Folks, that is what you call a special kind of stupid! And yes, I want to know exactly, where are these funds coming from?

If we’re to be told American taxpayer dollars are being used to buy nuclear materials from Iran, well, that is dumbfounding. In essence, our own taxpayer dollars could end up being used by the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism for terrorism. Heck, our tax revenues could end up enabling Hamas to build more tunnels into Israel. These funds could be used to purchase S-300 surface-to-air missile systems, which at some point in the future shoot down Israeli or American aircraft.

And this is a valid concern: “Earlier this [last] week, in a candid admission, State Dept. spokesman John Kirby said, “we don’t know” if $3 billion in sanctions relief given to Iran had gone to fund terrorism operations. The rogue nation has conducted a string of missile tests this year, which U.S. officials say runs afoul of a U.N. Security Council resolution tied to the nuclear deal.”

So, the U.S. State Department admits it doesn’t know if billions of dollars of sanctions relief may have gone to support terrorism. Hey, Johnny boy, let me clarify this to you: a snake will always bite you because that’s its nature. There has been and probably will not be any change in the belligerent behavior of the militant Islamist regime of Iran.

We thank the Iranians for placing our Sailors on their knees at gunpoint. Now we pay them for their nuclear material. Ok, what part of this am I not getting? Oops, I forgot, it’s George W. Bush’s fault ya know.

And it appears our State Department simply doesn’t get it at all. “This material is not radioactive and does not present safety concerns. This transaction provides U.S. industry with a critical product while also enabling Iran to sell some of its excess heavy water as contemplated in the [nuclear deal],” Trudeau told Fox News.

Critics argue this was part of Iran’s plan all along. “Iran has created a clever scheme – produce too much heavy water so as to break the nuclear agreement, then get the Obama administration and eventually US companies to pay Tehran to get rid of it.

Rinse, repeat,” Foundation for Defense of Democracies Executive Director Mark Dubowitz responded. Still, the State Dept. argued that Iran did not possess more heavy water than the nuclear deal had allowed. Iran ensured the material “would not be used to support the development of a nuclear weapon. Our purchase of the heavy water means that it will instead be used for critically important research and non-nuclear industrial requirements,” Kirby added.”

Again, Iran hasn’t signed anything officially. As a matter of fact, our own Congressional representatives didn’t get an opportunity to weigh in on this — well, not the Senate, due to a Democrat filibuster. So, here’s a simple question. Does anyone know exactly how much heavy water the Iranians had to start? And why are we paying Iran to rid themselves of the nuclear material? As if they will not, or cannot produce more — remember a snake bites you because that is its nature.

Here’s my assessment. We are now clearly in the business of financing Iran, and its designs. As the Quds Force leader, General Qassem Suleimani, was visiting Russia, finalizing arms deals for new tanks, aircraft, and the S-300 evidences. We know Iran now has direct flights from Paris, France. Hasan Rouhani visited Italy, the Vatican, and other European nations setting up economic trade deals that will benefit Iran. President Obama is writing checks to Iran, or perhaps borrowing the money from China, all while decimating our oil, gas, and coal industries — as Iran is now cranking up its oil exports.

Yes, this is truly a special kind of stupid, and it’s only a matter of time before we reap the consequences of this lunacy. And if you think Hillary Clinton will rectify this situation, well, ask yourself, how is that reset button with Russia working for ya?


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