JUST IN: Hours before primaries, THREE new polls with one big SURPRISE

In less than 24 hours, polls will open in five states for both the GOP and Democrat presidential primaries.

On the GOP side, the following delegates are up for grabs tomorrow:

  • Connecticut · 28 delegates
  • Delaware · 16 delegates
  • Maryland · 38 delegates
  • Pennsylvania · 71 delegates
  • Rhode Island · 19 delegates


This morning, new polls are out for three of the states going to primary tomorrow — Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Each has a double-dose of good news for Donald Trump — including one bit that is probably going to surprise a lot of folks. Not only does Trump hold dramatic leads in all three, he has the highest favorability ratings among all three of the remaining GOP candidates.

Via The Hill:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump holds commanding leads in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island ahead of primaries in those states, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey.

In Connecticut, Trump has 59 percent support, followed by rival John Kasich with 25 percent and Ted Cruz with just 13 percent.

Trump also has more than half of the vote in Pennsylvania, with 51 percent support. Cruz follows with 25 percent and Kasich close behind with 22 percent.

Trump has 61 percent of the vote in Rhode Island. Kasich follows with 23 percent and Cruz with 13 percent.

In each of the three states, Trump also has the highest favorability ratings among the Republican candidates. In Connecticut, he has a 66-percent favorability rating. In Pennsylvania, he holds a 59-percent favorability rating and in Rhode Island, he has a 69-percent favorability rating.

In contrast, Ted Cruz has low favorability ratings in all three states. He has a 26-percent favorability rating in Connecticut, 35 percent in Pennsylvania and 24 percent in Rhode Island.

While Trump’s lead may not surprise most folks, the frontrunner is frequently dinged for his favorability ratings. These polls would seem to turn on its head the argument of Trump’s poor favorability — at least among GOP voters. And while it’s too early to tell, the stunning announcement by the Cruz and Kasich campaigns that they’re teaming up to stop Trump in upcoming primaries will no doubt have an impact on their favorability ratings. My gut tells me the alliance — which many say smack of “establishment” — isn’t going to be a net win, at least on favorability, during this anti-establishment election cycle.

Trump also wins in head-to-head match-ups with both Cruz and Kasich in all three states.

The survey was conducted from April 22-24. It included 512 Republican primary voters in Connecticut with a margin of error of 4.3 percent, 826 Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania with a margin of error of 3.4 percent and 511 Republican primary voters in Rhode Island with a margin of error of 4.3 percent.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Trump with similar leads in all three states, for those of us who (rightly) don’t put much stock in a single poll.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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