Christians FURIOUS about what Michelle Obama said during commencement speech

It’s now commencement exercise season. Of course we should all sit back and assess how many constitutional conservatives will be receiving invitations to speak at graduation ceremonies. Let me give you a hint: you probably can count on one hand. Remember a few years back when the students — and some faculty — protested having former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice speak at their commencement? They alluded to her not having credible relevance and a resume of accomplishments. But it’s funny, they had reality TV star Snooki speak at a commencement exercise. I guess being a potty-mouth reality TV celebrity is a credible accomplishment.

So, let me bring you my first 2016 commencement season speech report. As reported by CNS News, “First lady Michelle Obama told graduates of a historically black university in Mississippi on Saturday that “the power of voting is real and lasting” and they need to cast ballots to protect civil-rights advances made by previous generations.

She said many young African-Americans have disenfranchised themselves because only about 20 percent of them voted in the 2014 midterm elections.

“You can hashtag all over Instagram and Twitter, but those social medial movements will disappear faster than a Snapchat if you’re not also registered to vote,” Obama told an estimated 35,000 people, including 800 graduates of Jackson State University.

She said if people fail to exercise the fundamental right to vote, rights will be under threat. “Congress will still be gridlocked. Statehouses will continue to roll back voting rights and write discrimination into the law,” Obama said. “We see it right here in Mississippi, just two weeks ago, how swiftly progress can hurdle backward, how easy it is to single out a small group and marginalize them because of who they are or who they love.”

A bill passed by the Republican-led Legislature and signed by GOP Gov. Phil Bryant says workers can cite their own religious opposition to same-sex marriage to deny services to lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. It becomes law July 1.

“We’ve got to stand side by side with all of our neighbors – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, immigrant, Native American,” Obama said. “Because the march for civil rights isn’t just about African-Americans. It’s about all Americans.”

Ok, since the first lady gave a policy-oriented speech, it’s appropriate to analyze what she stated. First of all, the law in Mississippi has nothing to do with discrimination. It’s about protecting the freedom of religion and free exercise thereof, as well as the freedom of conscience.

These days, if you’re a Christian, the government has decided to bring its full weight against you. If Christians decline to provide services to a particular event, i.e. a same-sex marriage, because it violates their faith beliefs and their First Amendment rights, they should not be prosecuted. But that has occurred in several states in America.

So instead of being honest with people, Mrs. Obama just regurgitated inaccurate talking points. I suppose Mrs. Obama has no problem with her husband’s assault against the Little Sisters of the Poor, who had to go before the Supreme Court of the United States. Or even the case affecting a private sector company, Hobby Lobby, where again, her husband’s administration legally assaulted that company for its Christian faith.

No one is singling out any specific group. However, when government believes it’s in its power to grant rights based upon behavioral choices — in this case sexuality — it goes towards a belief that they can “guarantee happiness.” I would admonish the first lady, who is a lawyer (albeit her license to practice was mysteriously revoked), to read the legislation before spouting off political populist talking points. No one is being marginalized because of who they love — well, actually they are — Christians because they love Jesus Christ.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the overall theme of Mrs. Obama’s address. If she wanted to address the greatest civil rights issue of these times she should have articulated ending education inequality. A good quality education is the equalizer that enables all Americans to participate in the dream of this great nation: individual sovereignty. Why didn’t she discuss promoting school choice, school vouchers, education savings accounts, and charter schools? Why did Mrs. Obama not talk about opening up more and better educational opportunities?

Why didn’t Mrs. Obama challenge the students to be the new generation of young black entrepreneurs and start new businesses? Why didn’t she talk to these graduates about restoring the black family and fighting to make sure future generations have the blessings and security of the two-parent household? After all, the black community stood at 77 percent two-parent households some fifty years ago as President Lyndon Johnson came up with his “Great Society” programs. Today, the black community has 24 percent two-parent households — talk about intended discrimination, Mrs. Obama.

No one is threatening rights, and the inane fear mongering of Mrs. Obama’s address was pure hyperbole and consistent with progressive socialist ideological agenda. Basically what the first lady did was show up and instead of elevating, challenging, and encouraging these new graduates as victors, she simply delivered the tired old liberal progressive message to the black community: the white man is bad and wants to take your rights…you are and always will be a victim. How sad can it be that the first black first lady couldn’t find a theme of pride, inspiration and principle to convey to these graduates. Nope, just the same old.

Here’s an example: “She [Mrs. Obama] noted that Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, where she spoke under clear blue skies, was built in the 1950s and was only used by white football teams until 1967, when Jackson State and Grambling State became the first black teams to play there. She also noted that in 1962, the stadium was the site of “what was essentially a pro-Jim Crow rally” with University of Mississippi fans waving Confederate flags and singing a song called, “Never, No Never” to protest the admission of the university’s first black student.” I think Mrs. Obama should know that Jim Crow was established by the Democrat Party.

Why not talk about ending the cycle of dependency on the 21st century economic plantation? Why, Mrs. Obama, didn’t you mention and be a champion about ending black-on-black crime? Why not share with these young men and women about the sanctity and precious value of life, yes, to the unborn? Tell them of Margaret Sanger and her commentary regarding blacks and 15 million black babies killed since Roe v Wade. First Lady Obama, you wanna talk about civil rights? Let’s talk about the first individual unalienable right from the Creator, life.

Michelle Obama, just as she didn’t a few years back at Tuskegee University, did not deliver a speech on the precious value of education as it strengthens individual economic empowerment. She once again evidenced her desire to keep blacks enslaved to the new American Socialist Party, whose history for the black community has been nothing but disturbing.

Yes Mrs. Obama, it’s about all Americans, so why do y’all, progressive socialists, always “balkanize” us into collective groups? Why do you promote and advocate the expansive, intrusive, and onerous role of government which is so detrimental to economic growth and the prosperity of individuals in a free society?

Sadly, as before, this is the empty rhetoric most graduation ceremonies will deliver.

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