Two days ahead of primaries, two NEW polls out today…

Tuesday is another big day for both the GOP and Democrat races for president, with five states going to the polls. On the GOP side, the following delegates are up for grabs Tuesday:

Connecticut · 28 delegates
Delaware · 16 delegates
Maryland · 38 delegates
Pennsylvania · 71 delegates
Rhode Island · 19 delegates

One week later, the bigger prize of Indiana’s 57 delegates is up for grabs.

Two new polls out this morning suggest frontrunner Donald Trump is poised to chalk up at least one win this Tuesday, but faces a tighter race the following week in Indiana.

Via CBS News:

Donald Trump heads into Tuesday’s slate of primaries maintaining his large lead in Pennsylvania, and has a lead in Indiana, which holds its primary the following week.

Together this would keep Trump on a path to securing the nomination: If he does manage to win the bulk of delegates in Tuesday’s round of primaries, and follows that up by a solid showing in Indiana — which has been touted as the better chance for Cruz and Kasich to try to stop him — then Trump would remain on pace to eventually clear the majority of 1,237 delegates later in June.

Trump leads Pennsylvania 49 percent to 26 percent for Cruz and 22 percent for Kasich. Trump leads Indiana 40 percent to 35 percent for Cruz, and 20 percent for Kasich. [A Fox News poll released Friday showed similar results in Indiana, with Trump at 41 percent to Cruz’s 33 and Kasich’s 16.]

Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner on the Democratic side, also has the edge in Pennsylvania as she looks to increase her already-formidable delegate lead over Bernie Sanders.

Clinton is up in Pennsylvania 51 percent to 43 percent and Clinton leads Sanders in Indiana 49 percent to 44 percent. Sanders continues to do well among younger voters but older voters choose Clinton by similar margins.

For those in the #NeverTrump camp, the results in Indiana especially have got to be frustrating, showing Kasich having little chance of winning but no doubt serving to split the vote and hurt second-place Ted Cruz.

While it would appear Trump is all but certain to take Pennsylvania — even with its closed primary, where Trump has traditionally done less well — Indiana’s open primary appears to be in play, with more than a week left of campaigning.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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