Shock poll shows Hillary has a BIGGER women problem than Trump

When it comes to the candidates’ popularity with women, all of the attention has focused on one: Donald Trump.

Trump has managed to catch female flak from both sides of the political spectrum. It became an issue as early as the first Republican presidential debate, which led to a lengthy feud with Megyn Kelly. And it is an issue; his unfavorability among women is almost impressive.

Trump’s support among women would be a greater problem had he been running in another election, but look who he’ll be running against should he be the eventual GOP nominee.

As the Washington Examiner reports, while women may be no fan of Trump, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be voting against him.

Women are increasingly turning their noses up at the 2016 election, including Democratic women despite the likelihood that their party’s nominee will be one of them, according to a new Gallup survey of the gender gap in those closely following the election.

Women have never paid as much attention to the current race as men, but Gallup found that the attention gap has expanded in recent months.

In other words, women don’t like Trump, but they may not bother to line up at the polls to cast a vote against him.

Gallup blamed the lack of female candidates for women paying less attention, though that doesn’t explain the low interest among Democrats who are likely to nominate their first woman as the party candidate. What’s more, several groups that support women’s issues, such as Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List have been very public about backing Clinton.

But, just 30 percent of Democratic women are paying attention the to race, compared to 44 percent of Republican women.

Hillary Clinton is the inevitable Democrat nominee, but most millennial women prefer Sanders over her. Trump may be unpopular among women, but his “crimes” are verbal. The same can’t be said about Hillary

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