UNREAL: Russia FIRES on Israel…

Back in August 2011, I was part of a Congressional delegation weeklong visit to Israel. One of the special parts of this visit, which included our spouses, was to sit with Prime Minister Netanyahu in his cabinet room and discuss Middle East security policy. It was there — and I will never forget — that PM Netanyahu very presciently warned we should not consent to a complete withdrawal of our military footprint from Iraq. He strenuously conveyed to us there would be a vacuum created and who — or what — would fill that void could be very dangerous.

And so that prediction has come to fruition with, as predicted by PM Netanyahu, dangerous consequences for his nation.

As reported by Reuters:

Russian forces in Syria have fired at least twice on Israeli military aircraft, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seek improved operational coordination with Moscow, Israel’s top-selling newspaper said on Friday.

Asked about the alleged incidents, however, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “In this case, Israeli press reports are far from reality.”

But Netanyahu, in remarks published by Israeli reporters whom he briefed by phone on his talks on Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said “there have been problems” regarding Israeli military freedom of operation in Syria.

He gave no details, but said: “If you don’t deal with the friction, it could develop into something more serious.” 

The unsourced report in Yedioth Ahronoth made no mention of dates or locations for the two reported incidents, nor did it give any indication of whether the Israeli planes were hit.

Russia mounted its military intervention in Syria in September to shore Damascus up amid a now 5-year-old rebellion.

Separately, Israel’s Channel 10 TV said a Russian warplane approached an Israeli warplane off the Mediterranean coast of Syria last week but that there was no contact between them.

Israel, which says it has carried out dozens of bombings in Syria to foil suspected arms handovers to Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, was quick to set up an operational hotline with Moscow designed to avoid accidentally trading fire with Russian interventionary forces.

The true consequence, whether intended or unintended, resulting from the precipitous Obama-ordered withdrawal from Iraq is the hegemonic influence of Iran. And I know the liberal progressive detractors will issue their rhetorical talking point about Obama just carrying out the Bush agreement.

However, it was President Obama who refused to heed the advice and counsel of the Commanding General on the ground in Iraq in maintaining a residual force presence; all that was requested was 10,000-15,000 troops for training and outer cordon security. In other words, prevent any Iranian intrusion or resurgence of Islamic terrorist groups.

Guess what ended up happening? You have to be stuck on stupid to not accept the reality — or just a Kool-aid drinking progressive socialist — perhaps both. What Obama did in conducting foreign policy and national security strategy via campaign promise and intransigent ideology is put Israel’s most vocal enemy right on its doorstep.

Iran has definitively stated its intentions towards Israel, and it must be taken seriously. Netanyahu and the Israelis certainly do so. And the problem is Russia has a dedicated ally in Iran, and it’s providing Iran direct support. So now PM Netanyahu has Iran firmly established and controlling Iraq, with deployed regular forces such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, along with local Shiite militias. Iran continues to provide support to the vicious Islamic terrorist group Hamas — and just recently more tunnels were discovered threatening Israel coming out of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

And now, to the north of Israel you have a very strong Iranian presence and footprint supporting Bashar Assad, and Russian air cover. Iran has deployed its designated terrorist organization, the Quds Force, as well as Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy army enabling the militant Islamist regime of Iran to control Beirut, Lebanon.

PM Netanyahu’s worst nightmare has come to fruition. His nation is encircled by the Iranians, courtesy of President Obama’s mind-numbing foreign policy decisions. And worse for PM Netanyahu is knowing the Iranian coffers have been richly increased by Obama. And that means the #1 global state sponsor of Islamic terrorism is knocking at his door with their pockets flush with billions of dollars.

To top it all off, Iran has a military benefactor in Russia that is providing them with state-of-the-art conventional weapons such as T-90 tanks, fighter aircraft and the venerable S-300 surface-to-air missile systems. Imagine what happens if the S-300 is deployed into the Syrian combat theater of operations to provide cover for Hezbollah operations — operations to facilitate attacks against Israel?

Ladies and Gents, this is just one of the foreign policy and national security minefields with which the next U.S. president must contend. It was some five years ago that PM Netanyahu warned of exactly what has occurred. One just has to ask, what will happen in the next five years, or perhaps by the end of this year? Is this something we’re considering as we select a new Commander in Chief?

Or maybe we in America are more preoccupied with $15 minimum wage for fast food workers, free college for arrested development kids wanting “safe spaces” and participation trophies, and having more of our Warriors on the knees before the Iranians.


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