What?! First ISIS, now THIS group persecuting CHRISTIANS…

I’ve often made the case for the Kurds in northern Iraq. When asked about willing allies in the Middle East, I always first mention the Kurdish people, who as I admit are Muslim but are pro-Western. One of the critical aspects of Western civilization centers around individual rights and freedoms — preeminent being the right of free speech and freedom of expression. Here in America, one of the codified First Amendment freedoms, rights, is the right of the people to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

I’ve also been a very outspoken voice for the persecutions, historic actually, against Middle Eastern Christians such as the Copts, Chaldeans and Assyrians. These are ancient civilizations and peoples whose existence irrefutably predate Muslims. And in the case of the Assyrian Christians in the Middle East, their persecution continues in a most disconcerting way — genocide and confiscation of their lands. Admittedly we expect this from Islamist groups like ISIS — but the Kurdish Regional Government?

Yesterday I had this short video sent to me by an American Assyrian who is one of the most dedicated patriots I’ve ever known. She is someone who so very much loves this great nation that she now calls home. However, her heart is being ripped apart knowing the plight of her people.

This short video is something that must be taken before Massoud Barzani and the KRG. This is why we need leadership in this nation to convey a message to the world: America will not tolerate this incessant and apparent genocidal persecution of Christians.

It took the Obama administration quite some time to admit to the genocide of ISIS. But this is a global phenomenon; recall the recent massacre in Lahore Pakistan of little Christian children.

If the Kurds want U.S. support enabling them to perhaps finally have their own homeland, they need to respect and honor the homelands of those such as the Assyrians. And we need to step up and make this a cause.

Funny, we just saw the Pope bring Syrian Muslim refugees back to the Vatican with him. Where in the heck is the Pope’s voice about this such persecution? And how many Middle Eastern Christians has the Pope invited to find a home in the Vatican? The last thing we need is some PC subservient Dhimmi pontiff. I would serious prefer a pontiff with the courage and resolve of Pope Urban II — if you don’t know of whom I speak, then study. Pope Urban II realized Christians had to be protected from marauding Muslim raiders, and he took action.

I will be keeping an eye on this issue, and if the KRG does not rectify and correct this situation, well, y’all don’t want to be on my bad side, trust me. Persecution is persecution. It can be horrific and deadly as with ISIS, but it can also be the soft tyranny of the Kurdish Regional Government as this video reflects.

And where is President Obama? Well, he was playing golf with British Prime Minster David Cameron and holding a town hall with British young people. Maybe Obama should go to Northern Iraq and meet with the Assyrians — but I ain’t holding my breath.

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