Listen to the song Prince wrote about this REPUBLICAN presidential candidate

One of my (The Analytical Economist) favorite bits of information about Prince that emerged following his death Thursday is that back in 1990 he wrote a song about a future presidential candidate.

The slow jam, titled “Donald Trump (Black Version)” appeared on The Time’s last album Pandemonium.

Give it a listen below:

To quote a brief sampling of the lyrics:

“Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need.

A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.

Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.

A 1990s love affair, the real romance.”

You may recall Prince also wrote and sung advice to a sitting president, Ronald Reagan, back in the day.

Trump sent out a kind Tweet following the news of Prince’s death,.

He may have made no mention of the song , but I’m sure he thinks it’s the best song.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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