BREAKING ALERT: North Korea commits act of war…

Lil’ Kim is at it again, just one week after its apparently unsuccessful attempt to fire a missile April 15. Today, South Korea’s military is on high alert, following what appeared to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The latest development is another in a string of cage rattles from North Korea, but what makes the submarine aspect of this important is, as Fox News reports, the ability to successfully fire missiles from submerged vessels make it easier for the nation to surprise its enemies.

Via Fox News:

North Korea on Saturday fired what appeared to be a ballistic missile from a submarine off its northeast coast, South Korean defense officials said, Pyongyang’s latest effort to expand its military might in the face of pressure by its neighbors and Washington.

The South Korean officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of office rules, could not immediately confirm where the projectile landed. The Saturday evening launch of what the officials said was presumably a submarine-launched ballistic missile took place near the North Korean coastal town of Sinpo, where analysts have previously detected efforts by the North to develop submarine-launched ballistic missile systems.

A successful test from a submarine would be a worrying development because mastering the ability to fire missiles from submerged vessels would make it harder for outsiders to detect what North Korea is doing before it launches, giving it the potential to surprise its enemies.

The U.S. State Department would not comment on the reports of Saturday’s launch, but noted, “Launches using ballistic missile technology are a clear violation of multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions.”

“We call on North Korea to refrain from actions that further destabilize the region and focus instead on taking concrete steps toward fulfilling its commitments and international obligations,” said State Department spokesman John Kirby.

While South Korean experts say it’s unlikely that North Korea currently possesses an operational submarine that can fire multiple missiles, they acknowledge that the North is making progress on such technology.

Well, no doubt the tough talk from Obama’s State Department will stop North Korea in its tracks. Do you think Kim Jong Un heard that and thought, “well, gee, they asked nicely for us to stop, so okaaaaaaay.”


Why would they? North Korea has watched Iran keep pushing the envelope with its nuclear activity — not to mention terror funding. And rather than being reprimanded, much less punished, Iran’s sitting pretty with a new influx of $150 billion in cash, not to mention countless new business deals and more that will just enable it to keep on trucking along — expanding — all of its belligerent efforts.

Kim Jong Un is like Jan on “The Brady Bunch,” but instead of “Marcia Marcia Marcia,” he’s saying “Iran Iran Iran!” Lil’ Kim wants some of the attention — and the perks — directed his way.

Nothing surprising whatsoever about his behavior in the context of the weak and subservient America is under President Barack Obama. 271 more days and counting

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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