BREAKING: 5 more dead in mass shooting, suspect on loose…

In what appears to be a tragic coincidence, we have news of a second mass shooting today. Tonight, authorities are searching for the man they believed is responsible for killing five people in northeast Georgia.

From what we know thus far, this appears to be separate from the earlier tragedy in Ohio, which has left eight people in the same family dead.

Via CBS News:

Five people were shot dead Friday in northeast Georgia, and authorities were searching for a man believed to be responsible for the killings, CBS affiliate WRDW in Augusta reported.

The shootings took place at two crime scenes in the community of Appling, Columbia County coroner Vernon Collins told CBS News. Three victims were killed on Johnson Drive, two of whom died at the scene; the third died at the hospital.

Two other people were shot on Rosemont Drive, about a mile away, Collins said.

Captain Andy Shedd with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office told WRDW authorities believe one gunman was involved, identified as Wayne Anthony Hawes. The search for Hawes was ongoing.

As of this posting, authorities are saying the shooting in Georgia may be domestic. They believe the suspect, Wayne Anthony Hawes snapped after he found out his wife was divorcing him.

In Ohio, authorities now believe a specific family has been targeted and the killer, or killers — who remain at large — are likely not a threat to the public at large.

A tragic end to the week and we send prayers to all involved.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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