BREAKING: Police release statement about Ohio killer…

We’ve been following the tragic situation in Ohio today, where a series of brutal executions took place, leaving eight family members dead.

Investigators have just released the latest information, as of late Friday afternoon. We now know there was a fourth crime scene — where three had been previously reported. Eight people — seven adults and a teenage boy — were killed. However, new information confirms at least three young children survived.

Authorities do not believe the shooter is among the dead. They believe it’s likely the shooter — or shooters — is still be on the loose and there is a “strong possibility that any individual involved in this is armed and extremely dangerous.”

Via Fox News:

One or more shooters could still be on the loose, “armed and dangerous,” after a brutal string of shootings in four homes killed a total of eight family members in southern Ohio Friday, investigators said.

The eight relatives — seven adults and a teenage boy — were apparently shot in the head “execution-style,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told reporters.

At least three young children survived. One was 4 days old, one was 6 months old, and the third was 3 years old, Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said. The youngest baby was found in bed next to the child’s dead mother.

Reader confirmed he is “still actively looking for a shooter” and advised Southern Ohio residents to lock their doors — with extra caution urged for the victims’ family members.

DeWine said the family’s last name was Rhoden, but did not give first names. “If I was a member of that family, I would be extra cautious right now,” the attorney general added.

It’s a blessing that at least three children survived this horrific and inexplicable tragedy, but remains nonetheless terribly tragic.

We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation as we pray for the victims, their remaining family members — and these newly-orphaned young children.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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