Hollywood dimwit Lindsay Lohan considering converting to Islam, except for one thing…

It’s been a while since Lindsey Lohan’s poor decisions have made the news, and this time it’s a little bit different.

Whether it be to attract attention, a genuine conversion, or a bout of insanity; the star announced recently that she’s considering converting to Islam.

Via Fox News

Lindsay Lohan is embracing her religious reawakening as she studies Islam.

“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning,” the Catholic-born actresstold The Sun on her interest in Islam.

Lohan, 29, who was spotted carrying a copy of the Koran while tending to her community service in New York last summer, also said there’s more to the text than what many people have been led to believe.

What drives someone towards Islam in today’s political landscape? According to Islamic scholar Lindsey Lohan, “America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is.” Of course, there’s a bit of a problem… she hasn’t exactly finished reading the book.

“I’m not done reading it. Do you know how long that would take? It takes so long,” Lohan said.

An interesting excuse considering that she doesn’t seem particularly busy with acting. Verses calling for violence against nonbelievers, doubting the intelligence of women, or detailing atrocities committed by Mohammad himself aren’t exactly hard to locate.

Regardless of whether or not she goes through with the conversion, it certainly isn’t the craziest thing our liberal friends in Hollywood have done.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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