Short white guy tells college students he identifies as tall Chinese woman… their responses prove we’re DOOMED

I had first read Thomas Sowell’s book “Is Reality Optional?” in high school. I couldn’t fully appreciate the title of the book (authored in 1993) until I’d gone to college.

Why would anyone deny reality? Not for their own sake – for the sake of never daring to offend others.

Just how absurd can you be? Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington headed down to the University of Washington to see who would question his new-found identity as a 6’5 Chinese woman.

Via HotAir, the results are pretty depressing….

A social experiment aimed at discovering which identities can and can’t be self-defined on campus. (Spoiler: They all can!) “These people are ripe for dictatorship,” writes Rod Dreher. “They will not let themselves see reality if it offends against the party line.” They do see it, though. That’s the thing. Their answers frequently take the form of “If that’s what you say you are, I’ll go along.”

They know the reality, they just don’t want to cause trouble by speaking up for it. That’s what makes them ripe for dictatorship, or at least bien-pensant authoritarianism. And bien-pensant authoritarianism is what the American college experience is all about.

How feeble do your reasoning skills have to be, incidentally, if you’re onboard with “transgenderism” yet can’t distinguish it from height? The touchstone of left-wing “identity” rhetoric is that identity is fluid and to some extent “socially constructed.” There’s no yardstick to measure sexual orientation or how masculine or feminine someone feels, whatever they may be sporting below the belt. There is, however, a yardstick to measure height. It’s an actual yardstick. On the other hand, they’re all surprisingly chill with the idea of this guy defining himself as Chinese even though he’s as white as this year’s Democratic presidential field.

Interestingly, these liberals never seem to have any problem telling conservatives that they’re wrong.

Here’s something I always wondered: if someone like Rachel Dolezal can “identify” as black, couldn’t someone “oppressed” by “white privilege” solve that problem by identifying as white? Just a thought.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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