Oh boy: Kasich has BIZARRE response to New York results

Another state primary has come and gone, and Gov. John Kasich still can only claim victory for one state — his home state. (To be fair, he may pick up 3 or 4 delegates in New York tonight — out of the 95 that were at stake. So there’s that.)

He continues to come in fourth in a three-person race — behind Sen. Marco Rubio, who suspended his campaign more than a month ago.

So, how would you expect him to respond to tonight’s news of Donald Trump’s huge New York victory — and his own loss in yet another state? By urging “every Republican in the country” to rally around him, of course.

Oh, and scolding New Yorkers for not being “serious” enough to rally around him and stop Trump in that state.

Yes, really.

Via The Hill:

John Kasich’s campaign is urging “every Republican in the country” to rally around his candidacy, despite his overwhelming loss to Donald Trump in Tuesday’s New York primary.

“The next 7 days are absolutely critical and every Republican in the country who wants an open convention and to win the White House should rally around Gov. Kasich in the upcoming April 26 states,” said Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, in a memo issued on Tuesday night after Trump won New York by some 30 points. 

The Ohio governor’s campaign also blamed the “Never Trump,” movement, castigating the conservative outside groups opposed to Trump for not dedicating enough resources to defeat the billionaire in New York.

“Donald Trump will not be the nominee – if the Never Trump forces get serious,” Weaver wrote. 

“They weren’t serious in New York and allowed Trump to get over 50 percent in numerous districts where he could have been stopped. Continued lack of engagement by Never Trumpers could allow the Trump campaign to get back on track.”

Kasich, who is projected to come second in New York but is in a distant third in the overall delegate count, has irritated a number of establishment Republicans with his insistence on staying in the race despite doing so poorly at the ballot box.

But Weaver’s memo doubled down on Kasich’s strategy, which is to force a contested convention where Kasich hopes party regulars will rally around him as the sensible choice and the most likely candidate to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

Gee, I feel like we’ve heard this before. Maybe Kasich’s team should have added, “Guys, we really MEAN it this time.”

Sorry, dude, it’s (long past) time to give it up. Who’s with me???

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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