HOURS BEFORE polls close in NY, Trump says New Yorker who votes for Cruz is…

No doubt y’all filled in the blanks with your own ideas there. But here’s what Trump really just said.

Via The Blaze:

Hours before the polls close in the Empire State, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said in an interview that anyone who votes for rival Ted Cruz is “maybe not a New Yorker.”

Though Trump says neither Cruz nor Ohio Gov. John Kasich “would be good for New York,” the billionaire candidate takes particular issue with the Texas senator, who he has been slamming recently for his comments about “New York values” at a debate earlier this year.

“Cruz actually has a dislike for New York, you know, he came up with that whole ‘New York values’ with a lot of anger about the city and about the state,” Trump told 77 WABC radio show host Rita Cosby. “I think he won’t do very well, and I think any New Yorker that votes for him would be maybe not a New Yorker.”

In order for Trump to have a “great night” in New York, he said he would like to win at least 70 delegates in tonight’s primary, adding that if he reaches 50 percent of the vote, it would “be a great tribute.” However, he did acknowledge that getting to that point is “difficult” when he’s running against Kasich and Cruz.

Of course, some Cruz supporters were quick to jump on Trump’s latest comment and turn them into a positive for their preferred candidate. One Blaze reader said the following:

I agree Trump. New Yorkers love huge government intervention and liberal politicians, and anyone who votes for Cruz can’t be a good new yorker, and they are the better for it.

It seems in this extremely divided election cycle, perhaps more than any I can recall, statements — whether from a candidate, the media or elsewhere — have become a Rorschach test. What people see is all about who they support in the race.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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