BREAKING: Winners projected in BOTH New York primaries…

Winners are now being projected for both the GOP and Democrat primaries in New York.

As expected, Donald Trump has cruised to a handy victory tonight in his home state of New York.

Now, the big question is whether Trump will capture the 50% necessary to SWEEP all of the state’s delegates. So far, it’s looking quite promising for him. With 26% of the votes tallied, Trump leads with 62.8%, followed by Kasich at 23.1% and Cruz at 14.2%. Meanwhile, on the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton is expected to win the state she now claims as “home.”

As of this posting, Clinton has 60.5% to Sanders’ 39.5%.

Interestingly, CNN has yet to call New York for their sweetheart.

YUGE wins for frontrunners on both sides.

Now, all eyes look ahead to next Tuesday, with five primaries for both the GOP and Democrat nominations in ConnecticutDelaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

 [Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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