TRAVEL ALERT: ‘Credible’ threat at these summer beach resorts

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We alerted you the other day about the discovery in Spain of an ISIS weapons cache and “target locations” for terror attacks. In that case, officials noted the attacks had not yet progressed to detailed plans.

Today, we’re learning of a “credible source” who has revealed ISIS has “concrete plans” to launch attacks not just in Spain, but France and Italy as well this summer during peak tourist season. The source reveals horrific plans to pose as refugees to sell ice cream and t-shirts to tourists and bury explosives under sun beds.

One official noted it would be “a whole new dimension of terror.”

Via the Mirror:

Islamic State terrorists are plotting to attack tourists on holiday this summer at Spanish, French and Italian resorts, intelligence agencies believe.

Both German and Italian intelligence agencies have learned that terrorists loyal to ISIS are hoping to pose as refugees, selling ice cream and t-shirts to disguise themselves.

The reports, which have emerged in German newspaper BILD, claim that terrorists also aim to detonate suicide vests and bombs which will be buried under sun beds.

It is claimed that the intelligence comes from a “credible source” in Africa.

The source claims that the terrorists have formed “concrete plans” to launch the attacks.

BILD reports that the attacks will target crowds on waterfronts, with terrorists gaining access to automatic weapons.

One official told the paper: “It could be a whole new dimension of terror.

“Holiday beaches cannot be protected.”

As we reported a few weeks ago, our own State Department has taken the rare step of issuing a travel alert for all of Europe, leading into the busy summer tourist season. Its current alert expires in June, however — before the summer tourist season kicks into high gear. We’ll watch to see whether the State Department will extend the alert based on new intelligence — along with the common sense awareness that high season — and its crowded public spaces, filled with Western holiday makers — presents a prime opportunity for terrorists to act.

Of course, with new information such as this continuing to emerge, few of us need the official warning to be on alert.


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