NAILS IT: Ted Cruz answers gay marriage question; liberals speechless

This morning Ted Cruz appeared on “Good Morning America” for a live town hall event. The hosts tried to tee him up with a “gotcha” question about gay marriage, but Cruz truly knocked it out of the park with his answer.

“I am a constitutionalist and under the Constitution, marriage is a question for the states. That has been the case from the very beginning of this country- that it’s been up to the states. And so if someone wants to change the marriage laws, I don’t think it should be five unelected lawyers down in Washington dictating that. And even if you happen to agree with that particular decision, why would you want to hand over every important public policy issue to five unelected lawyers who aren’t accountable to you, who don’t work for you— instead if you want to change the marriage laws, convince your fellow citizens to change the laws. And by the way, it may end up that–we’ve got 50 states– that the laws in one state may be different than another state and we would expect that. We would expect the people of New York to adopt different laws than perhaps the people of Texas or California and that’s the great thing about a big, diverse country is that we can have different laws that respect different values.”

In fact, it was exactly the same sentiment expressed today by Col. West right here this morning: None of the five deciding justices in the [gay marriage] case considered the second, third, and fourth order effects of their decision. They just saw an opportunity to be “activist jurists” and populists, and failed to understand that they have no authority to create law, and order states to abide. What Article III of the Constitution requires is that the Supreme Court interprets law. And as I’ve articulated often on these pages, I support civil unions. I simply don’t see the necessity of redefining traditional marriage via legislative or judicial process. In doing so, we have in essence redefined the roles of mother and father — better stated, mom and dad. And what’s up with the Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 marriage certificates? Seems to resemble the t-shirts, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Whatever our feelings about same-sex marriage, as American citizens we should care first and foremost about our structure of government which gave us the right to have these sorts of discussions in the first place. But the selfish Me Generation and squeaky wheels of the various special interest groups will do whatever they can to further their individual agendas — even if it means trashing the Constitution and making up things on the fly. That’s not pragmatic populism. It’s tyranny.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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