OH MY: Lifelong Democrat just said why he’s supporting Trump; it’s brutal…

In January of this year, a Mercury Analytics poll found that 20 percent of Democrats would indeed cross party lines to vote for Donald Trump.

Here’s one of them.

On Friday, Anna Kooiman from Fox News interviewed several patrons at a diner on Staten Island, asking them who they were supporting for president.

This man, Anthony, who said he’s been a registered Democrat for over thirty years, won’t be voting for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Instead, he’s supporting Donald Trump.

Of course, Tuesday’s primary is closed, so Anthony will only get to actually vote for Trump if he wins the nomination.

But in this video clip he says, “It shows you the sad state of the Democrat Party right now where your only two choices are a socialist and a corrupt criminal.”

Sadly, none of what he’s saying is hyperbole or trash talking. It’s just the truth.

Hat tip to IJ Review


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