Chilling: Here’s the JOB APPLICATION every ISIS recruit must complete

In March of this year, a treasure trove of 22,000 documents containing the personal information of ISIS fighters was leaked to Sky News and other news outlets by a former disillusioned fighter. Now those documents have been analyzed and reveal the sometimes bizarre backgrounds of the jihadis.

The Daily Mail reports, Among the recruits is a 70-year-old man who wished to fight on the battlefield, as well as a former beekeeper, a perfume salesman and a hashish dealer.

But only one in 10 are interested in becoming suicide bombers. You mean martyrdom isn’t the coolest job in ISIS?

The treasure trove of data for security services battling the terror group also contains the names, nationalities, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts for the fighters.

Former UK intelligence chiefs described the documents as a ‘goldmine’ and it is believed to be the biggest ISIS intelligence haul ever uncovered.

Other details showed the average age of an ISIS was between 21 – 30, while there were handfuls of people in their 60s and in their teens.

Isn’t it interesting that demographic happens to be the vast majority of “refugees” flooding into Europe. Coincidence? I think not.

Here are the 23 questions from the job application. I assume this application goes into a personnel file, because I’m not sure how the applicants would be able to answer number 22.


The foreign country with the highest total of its citizens volunteering to the group was Saudi Arabia, though Tunisia had the highest per capita.

As we reported yesterday, guess where Obama sent the GITMO prisoners most recently released? Yep, Saudi Arabia.

Notations on the bottom of some volunteers’ files also offered extra detail for superiors to consider.

‘Important, he has expertise in chemistry’, one noted. Another detailed a volunteer’s experience in bomb making, while one even said: ‘His brother executed the metro operations in Madrid’ – a reference to the 2004 Al-Qaeda train bombing in Spain.

The thousands of fighters came from all walks of life, both in terms of their nationalities and ethnicity, as well as their ‘life experience’ such as international travel and levels of high schooling and university education.

So much for being poor and disadvantaged.

The documents are from ISIS’ entrance interviews, probably held in Raqqa, Syria, and show the terror group has its own human resources department.

Perhaps I would call that “IN-human resources,” given the group’s heinous barbarism.

Let’s hope this “goldmine” helps to prevent further attacks and fills in the blanks for question 22 for a lot of these monsters.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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