BREAKING: Terror suspected in massive explosion….

Breaking news out of Jerusalem this morning, where Israeli media are reporting a suspected terror attack on a bus. Casualties are being reported — though at this juncture, the precise number and nature are still unfolding.


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As Time reports, police are calling it a terrorist attack.

Monday’s blast comes amid a wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis, mostly stabbings, and immediately raises fears of a return to the regular suicide attacks that ravaged Israeli cities a decade ago.

Images show fire and large plumes of smoke billowing from the back of the bus.

Though this is, tragically, far from a new occurrence, it is something to which we cannot allow ourselves to become numb.

Of course, the Obama administration has said it sympathizes with “frustration” with Israel, speaking about violence against Israel.

I’m sorry, what part of this does one sympathize with?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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