SURPRISE! Mitt Romney’s niece reveals she’s voting TRUMP; wait till you hear WHY

At least one of Mitt Romney’s relatives is not following his lead to vote for anyone BUT current frontrunner Donald Trump. The 2012 GOP nominee’s niece, Ronna Romney McDaniel, who is also chair of the Michigan Republican Party, just revealed that she will bind herself to Trump at the Republican National Convention — though it’s not necessarily because he is her personal top choice for the nomination.

Via Washington Examiner:

Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and chair of the Michigan Republican Party, told Fox News late Friday that she has chosen to bind herself to Donald Trump going into the party’s July convention because he won the April 8 primary and a majority of the 1.3 million voters who turned out at the polls.

“We want those voters engaged in the process, so as an RNC delegate, I chose to bind myself to the majority vote of Michigan,” McDaniel said, adding that she will remain neutral as state party chairwoman.

In the case of a brokered convention that would give delegates a second vote in which they could switch candidates, McDaniel promised to stay aligned to Trump “to show them that the Republican Party is not disenfranchising their vote.”

No doubt this will be seen as refreshing and encouraging news to many who fear the so-called Republican establishment trying to push someone other than the two top delegate winners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, at the convention.

McDaniel wouldn’t say if she personally supported Trump, but said she will support the eventual Republican come November, regardless of what happens at the convention — as I sure hope we all will.

McDaniel did say she hasn’t spoken with her Uncle Mitt yet about her decision. She told Fox News:

“I left that up to my dad to tell my uncle,” she said. “That was not a phone call I wanted to make. I’m pretty sure I’m out of the will at this point.”

Fortunately for the Romney extended family, by the time they sit down to Thanksgiving, much of this controversy should be behind us all.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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