NO WAY: Jane Fonda has STUNNING prediction about what will happen if Hillary becomes president

For liberals, everything is viewed through the prism of identity — race, gender, class and sexual orientation. They will rally behind someone simply because of their identity, and meanwhile attribute any criticism — however legitimate — from conservatives as based in racism or sexism.

We’ve lived through more than seven years of what may be the worst presidency of our republic — and seven years of being accused of racism for voicing this.

And now, liberal actress and activist Jane Fonda is suggesting that there will be violence if Hillary Clinton is elected — you guessed it, because she’s a woman.

Via The Blaze:

Though actress and activist Jane Fonda unequivocally believes Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton “will be president,” she also says there will be violence if the former secretary of state is elected in November.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival in lower Manhattan, hours before Thursday night’s Democratic debate between Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn, Fonda, the star of Netflix comedy series “Frankie and Grace,” said Clinton has what it takes to “hit the ground running.”

However, Fonda also predicted violence if Clinton secures the Democratic nomination and goes on to beat the Republican presidential nominee in the general election. The main reason for that vehemence, the actress says, will be the fact that she is a woman.

“Every time women move forward, there is going to be problems,” Fonda insisted. “So one of the things we have to do is help men understand why they are so threatened, and change the way we view masculinity. We have a toxic masculinity and that’s what needs to be addressed.”

Though Hillary’s gender may in fact be the only reason someone could possibly summon up to vote for her, there are a gazillion legitimate reasons there might be a vehement reaction to her becoming president. And being a woman just ain’t one of them.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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