Right ON! Watch fast food worker SCHOOL $15 wage protesters

Well that didn’t go as expected…

When I myself was a fast food employee (for a total of five long years) during high school and early college days, there was nothing more annoying than the occasional solicitor who would come in the store, take up space in line, then try to sell us something.

The circumstances were somewhat similar today for one Taco Bell employee. During the Fight for Fifteen’s “National Day of Action,” protesters stormed the store, welcoming employees there to go on strike for a $15 minimum wage.

As The Blaze reports, it turns out that some people actually want to work.

The protesters’ message wasn’t well received by the employee, who said she just wanted to do her job.

After one protester informed her it was a “day of action,” the employee responded sharply, “This is also a job that I am trying to do.”

“Y’all are hindering my work, you may leave the building,” she added.

The apparent leader of the protest still finished his speech and invited her to go on “strike” and join the protest — but she didn’t seem interested in the least.

Were they surprised? I think it’s common sense to work for $7.25 an hour over striking for $0 an hour.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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