Latest liberal INSANITY: look what feminists consider a “privilege”now

Liberals seem to think everything is a “privilege” nowadays. White privilege, thin privilege, class privilege, educational privilege, able-bodied privilege, religious privilege – the list goes on! I’m wondering when human privilege will be denounced next.

The feminists of Twitter have a new hashtag campaign – this one aimed at turning what they say is a stigma into a privilege. I’ll let the Truth Revolt explain this latest spat of insanity:

(Feminists are instructing all those afflicted with STIs to be loud and proud about it. Yes, anyone infected with an STI needs to shout it out to the world. Because doing so is a “privilege.” 

In an interview with “millennial” publication Revelist, advocate Britni de la Cretaz said “the truth of the matter is, many people are living, and living happily, as STI+ people” and that being able to be “publicly open” about her status as someone with a sexually transmitted disease “is a privilege and I want to use that privilege to help other people feel less alone.”

On his own blog, writer Robert Stacy McCain notes that “Britni de la Cretaz is a recovering alcoholic who has described substance abuse as a way women ‘cope with the weight of living in a white supremacist CIS heteropatriarchy.'”

The feminists taking part in this campaign may see this as liberating, but I see this more as a public awareness campaign, notifying us of who to avoid on the dating scene.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist.

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