What JUST happened to John Kerry would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious

There are things happening that, if these times weren’t so dire, would be laughable. However, these are indeed serious times, and this report and assessment is cause for concern.

As reported by Stripes.com, “The Taliban claimed responsibility Sunday for a rocket attack on Kabul’s diplomatic area which came just after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ended a surprise visit by calling on the insurgents to come to the negotiating table to end the 15-year war.

Kerry told reporters late Saturday in Kabul that “the people of Afghanistan should be demanding that the Taliban, who are the only people holding out on that possibility, actually engage in (the peace) process.”

A Taliban spokesman said on Sunday that the rocket attack, which caused no casualties, was meant to undermine Kerry’s visit.

“This shows foreigners cannot remain safe in any spot in the country and we can target them wherever they are,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. “We couldn’t know exactly where he was (but) at least we could sabotage his visit and send a message he is not welcome here.”

According to officials, at least two rockets hit the heavily-guarded diplomatic zone in the late evening. By that time, Kerry was at Bagram Air Field, 35 miles north of the capital, getting ready to leave the country.”

I’ll never forget the opening battle scene from the award-winning film, “Gladiator.” The legions under the command of General Maximus Desmus Meridius were deployed in Germania facing the warring tribes and sent an envoy to negotiate terms for peace. Maximus was asked by one of his subordinate Roman officers if he felt the enemy would accept the terms. Then a horse bearing a headless rider came galloping towards the Roman Army out of the tree line. The leader of the Germanic tribes came forward with the head of the Roman envoy, shouted something, and threw the head onto the ground. General Maximus turned to his Roman officer and stated, “they say no.”

But as he departed to lead his cavalry, he gave this simple order: “At my signal, unleash hell.”

The lesson to be learned is that there are people in the world who only comprehend one thing: hell unleashed upon them with the objective of their utter decimation. Secretary of State John Kerry went into an active combat zone showing weakness, yes, that is what Afghanistan is, a combat zone. In an active combat zone, you do not BEG the enemy to come to the peace-negotiating table. You crush their will with a relentless resolve that sends a message not only to them, but to others who will see and understand your commitment.

The problem with what John Kerry did is he went into a part of the world that only understands strength and might, but he went as a weakling. And the Taliban sent a very clear response — rocket fire. It doesn’t matter that there were no casualties. The message the Taliban sent was we’re right here in Kabul and as the Taliban spokesman said, there are no safe spaces where we cannot reach out and touch you.

I remember back in June 2005, during my first three months in Kabul we were housed in a “safe house” guarded by contract Afghan security. We were not allowed to have personal weapons — all I had was a knife. I gotta tell ya, there’s no freaking way I’d stay in a “safe house” in Afghanistan because that’s a complete oxymoron.

Just last week General John Campbell retired from over 30 years of active duty service to our nation. He was the commanding general in Afghanistan. He ran afoul of our emperor president because he dared tell the truth and challenge the young Obama who’s never felt the sting of combat. General Campbell didn’t agree with the president on troop levels. General Campbell admitted before the House Armed Services Committee that he didn’t have the “permission” to engage the Taliban.

Boy, I just gotta tell ya, it’s a good thing General Campbell wasn’t sent off for execution by the Praetorian Guards! Instead, another great American general has been forced into retirement, because he dared openly challenge Obama.

Back in January 2009 in his first interview as president, Obama said if Iran would unclench their fist they would find an open hand. Well, Iran did unclench their fist, just long enough to secure their AK-47s that were pointed at our Sailors who were on their knees in the position of surrender. And Obama, by way of John Kerry, opened his hand to thank the Iranians for their care of our sea-going Warriors. Well that little episode has been forgotten by most — no hearings on Capitol Hill, as was promised.

So just ask yourself, as John Kerry took flight from Afghanistan via Bagram AB, what do you think the word on the street was? Simple, the American envoy of Obama came asking for the Taliban to consider peace. The Taliban fired rockets into the American diplomatic area in Kabul. The American envoy flew away.

The Taliban said no…who has the position of power in Afghanistan?

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