JUSTICE: Watch ISIS fighters react to being CAPTURED

If there’s any message that ISIS wants to convey from the propaganda videos they release, it’s one of power.

In widely circulated and professionally edited execution videos, victims are shown helpless and powerless before their untimely demise. In one video where an alleged British spy is killed by ISIS, the “spy” tells the “story” of how ISIS was one step ahead of him the whole time. Another common theme is for victims to read speeches, just before their death, denouncing the governments of their home country.

It’s obvious to an outsider that these videos are nothing more than scripted propaganda alongside carnage, attempting to recruit those as bloodthirsty as they are into their ranks.

Those who join ISIS believing they’re an unstoppable force will soon learn that God is not on their side.

Via WZ, a number of ISIS fighters were captured by the Kurdish YPG. Their response is oddly satisfying. Click “CC” on the Youtube video for English subtitles.


Hopefully the Kurds grant them as much mercy as ISIS would grant them, were the roles reversed.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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