Whoa: We just found out why Ivanka and Eric Trump WON’T vote for their dad

Donald Trump is enjoying a wide lead in the upcoming New York primary. But two important New Yorkers — very important to the candidate himself — will not be among those voting for Trump on April 19th.

Via New York Post:

Two of Donald Trump’s three oldest kids won’t vote for their GOP front-runner dad when New Yorkers go to the polls a week from Tuesday, because they didn’t bother to register as Republicans.

New York state is a closed primary state, so anyone who wants to vote in a presidential primary would have needed to state their new party affiliation before Oct. 9 — a date that slipped by on the calendar for non-Republicans Eric and Ivanka Trump.

New York State Board of Elections records show that neither Ivanka Trump nor Eric Trump is enrolled in a political party.

Donald Trump Jr., however, is a registered Republican, so he’ll be able to vote for Dad next week.

Candidate Trump claimed ignorance on behalf of Eric and Ivanka.

“No. They had a long time to register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules, and they didn’t, they didn’t register in time,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “So they feel very, very guilty.”

“But it’s fine. I understand that. I think they have to register a year in advance and they didn’t. So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

Trump joked: “Yes. No more allowance.”

Trump has blown most of us away with how much his campaign has achieved through Trump’s “non-traditional” campaign — relying largely on his innate ability as a media magnet and the abilities of a very small team of close associates with little political experience. However, as the race progresses and the likelihood of a contested convention rises, attention to the detailed mechanics of our electoral process become even more critical.

While Eric and Ivanka Trump’s inability to vote for their father in the New York primary is most certainly not anywhere close to a make-or-break moment for the candidate, it’s just a small reminder of how the devil-in-the-details kind of stuff can trip up even the most successful campaign.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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