After Cruz sweep, look what GOP tweeted, then IMMEDIATELY deleted

The Republican party apparatus has made no secret of its opposition to Donald Trump. Even so, what the Colorado state party did last night, on the heels of Sen. Ted Cruz’s sweep of the state’s delegates, may have been the most transparent expression yet of the party’s plans to bar Trump from the chance at the GOP nomination.

Via Politico:

Moments after announcing that Ted Cruz had swept all 34 delegate slots at the Colorado GOP convention Saturday, the state party tweeted: “We did it. #NeverTrump.”

CO never trump

Within minutes, the tweet had been deleted.

Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, insisted his staff had nothing to do with the tweet and is now investigating.

“There’s no way we tweeted that,” House said, although he acknowledged that the state party was responsible for deleting it.

Even though it only existed in the ether of cyberspace for a few minutes, the optics of such a tweet coming from the neutral arbiter of Saturday’s delegate selection process amidst a hard-fought trench war between Cruz and Donald Trump to secure the Republican presidential nomination rankled a number of Colorado Republicans.

Several local GOP operatives were quick to suggest that the tweet, which was quickly deleted, was the work of the two young Republican operatives at D/CO, a newly formed Republican consulting firm that caters on outreach to Millennials. Caleb Bonham and Kyle Forti, who formed D/CO in December, just took over a number of clients from another local firm, Avinova, which used to assist the Colorado GOP with social media.

But Forti denied that he or Bonham were responsible and said they don’t have access to the state GOP’s Twitter feed.

The excuse from the Colorado GOP, that the tweet was a result of “unauthorized access,” makes you wonder: does the Colorado state GOP have Hillary Clinton’s former team — you know, the same ones who housed a server in a Denver bathroom loft — now in charge of its cyber security?

We already know all too well the GOP party establishment has an optics problem, at best — and, at worst, is woefully (perhaps willfully) out of touch with a huge swath of its base. Hence, the anger with the party bubbling over to threaten its very existence this election cycle. Missteps like the errant tweet from last night serve only to prove the point of many angry voters.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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