Here’s the ONE thing I want to give my daughter for her birthday today

The weekend began the only way a fella like me would have it: Friday evening watching “300.” There once was a time when the enemy was met on the battlefield with fierce resolve and the goal of victory, with honor. Once when invaders came, there stood warriors, armed with strength, and a commitment to preservation of their way of life. As was the code of Lycurgus, a military culture rooted in never retreating, never surrendering. And to the enemy, no mercy in defending their Sparta.

And as the sun rises this day, Saturday, I praise God for the precious gift I am more than willing to defend, the birth of my oldest daughter, Aubrey Elizabeth. If you’ve never held a newborn child, t you have no concept of God’s everyday gift: life. And you will never know about this of which I now speak.

I could write about so many other things today. I considered writing about President Obama seeking to implement more rules by executive order to impede our economic growth. I could share with you his desire to subjugate our economy all for what?

No, this day I will share with y’all why I will never retreat, never surrender this beloved Constitutional Republic, America. It is because I have a duty, an obligation to my daughter to whom God blessed Angela and me to bring into this world. Just as Leonidas and those 300 stood in that Gap of Thermopylae to safeguard the freedoms and liberties of Greece, so shall I for my family…my oldest daughter.

You see, I have no idea what Barack Obama seeks to leave to his daughters as a legacy. But my life has been a sacrifice to this great nation for one reason: preserving the blessed gifts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s not just for my daughters Aubrey and Austen, but for your sons and daughters.

And I would ask all of you, on the birthdays of your children and grandchildren, to ask yourself, what are you fighting for, or if you’re fighting? What shall you leave for them? And please, don’t give me the tired rhetoric of climate change, wealth redistribution, nationalizing our economic production, and the welfare state. Those are not in keeping with the legacy and lineage that Americans have always bequeathed to their subsequent generations.

Today my daughter Aubrey will be surrounded by family and friends. She’ll enjoy a feast of grilled steak and Earl Campbell sausages. And then she’ll head over to the Texas Motor Speedway and enjoy her newfound thrill…the Duck Commander 500 NASCAR race. Aubrey Elizabeth West is an American girl.

And me, well, I am her Spartan dad, and I wish her always to remember me by the same epitaph that stands today at the “Hot Gates” of Thermopylae: “Go tell the Spartans, and strangers passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie.” I want Aubrey to know when I’ve taken my last breath, she was the daughter of an American Spartan…a proud dad. This day I firmly commit myself to Aubrey, to all, to rid this nation of progressive socialist tyranny. This day I recommit to her my oath to support and defend her Constitution of the United States.

Happy birthday to my American girl, Aubrey.

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