Black Trump supporter drops TRUTH BOMB on shocked interviewer

The media wants you to believe Trump’s success is attributable to one thing: racism.

What has he actually done that’s racist according to them?

How about upholding the Constitutional duty to protect American citizens by actually enforcing our immigration laws? Racist against Mexicans.

When we hear Trump is racist against Muslims, I wonder why these people are rarely reminded that Islam isn’t a race.

At an anti-Trump rally, Breitbart News found something that shouldn’t exist according to the media narrative: a black Trump supporter. And believe it or not, immigration was an issue central to his support for Trump.

Via Breitbart 

“Come to Harlem. There’s so much building going on right now in Harlem. Buildings are going up right now while we’re talking. And I’ve got it documented, on every construction site in Harlem, you don’t see [any] blacks working”.

“I’m in the reality business,” he said, adding: “It ain’t that we don’t wanna work, it’s that we can’t work because the Mexicans have taken all the jobs”.

His comments, while rough around the edges, are in fact backed by recent evidence cited by the Bank of England, which not only revealed that open border migration does indeed lead to jobs going to workers who undercut wages, but also that the policy leads to wage suppression in general.

Here’s a question for liberals to ponder: if illegal immigration is hurting the black community, is illegal immigration racist?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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