ALERT: Obama moving FASTER than we knew on this DANGEROUS plan…

Despite much evidence to the contrary, it turns out the government can move rather quickly when it wants to. While it takes them months to review 22 emails from the former secretary of state, it’s now working to process 600 Syrian refugee families per day.

A new report released today reveals that the Obama administration has launched a “surge operation” to expedite the processing of — at least — 10,000 Syrian refugees by the president’s deadline of September 30th. The processing center established in Amman, Jordan is working fast and furiously to conduct 600 interviews every day.

Via The Washington Examiner:

The report said that some 600 interviews are being conducted every day, suggesting that 36,000 refugees are being targeted for entry into the United States.

The Center for Immigration Studies on Friday reported on the first family to get cleared and enter the United States, landing in Kansas City last week. At the airport in Amman, the U.S. ambassador to Jordan gave them a welcome.

The CIS report notes that the center in Jordan is part of “our effort to reach President Obama’s directive to send 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States by September 30, 2016, while also ensuring that every refugee accepted by the United States has been thoroughly screened and vetted through our rigorous security process.”

No doubt when trying to pack in 600 interviews a day, these officials are able to be absolutely thorough, right? Surely this administration wouldn’t sacrifice national security in the name of expediency? As the CIS report notes:

First, 600 interviews a day sounds a bit extreme (to say the least). Even speed-dating doesn’t have such aspirations. How can a “rigorous security process” be respected under such conditions? Furthermore, why the urgency? We understand that refugees face desperate conditions, but such security and judgment compromises seem irresponsible.

We’ve reported many times here on the issues with properly vetting immigrants from Syria, with ISIS controlling passports and passport printing machines — and multiple reports thus far of known terrorists having used fake identification to cross into Europe.

The report also suggests the Obama administration may be rapidly increasing the number of refugees it intends to welcome to the U.S. It quotes a U.S. official saying Obama’s goal of 10,000 refugees this year is “a floor and not a ceiling.”

Let’s put security issues to the side for now and do the math. Six hundred interviews a day for three months (February 1 to April 28), with a five-day work week, comes to a total of 36,000 interviews. It doesn’t add up, unless out of 36,000 interviews only 10,000 are chosen – which equates to a 28 percent approval rate. Perhaps UNHCR staff is not doing such a great referral job after all. Or is it the ceiling that is getting higher as we speak?

Nothing to see here, just standard Obama administration operating procedure, folks.


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