Drudge Says Paul Ryan Running for President, Ryan Responds with 6 WORDS…

If you look at the betting odds for the Republican nomination, you’ll notice something odd: gamblers are placing a 4% chance that Paul Ryan becomes the nominee.

John Boehner even endorsed the current speaker for President, which automatically disqualified him in the eyes of many conservatives.

Yesterday, the Drudge Report posted a 43 second video that Ryan’s communication’s team had put together, headlining the piece “Paul Ryan Launches First Campaign Ad?”

The establishment may have their eyes set on Paul Ryan, but he doesn’t appear to have his eyes on the presidency.

Just minutes after the Drudge tweet, Ryan communications director Mike Ricci quickly shot down the rumor:

Based on current polls, there’s a 97% chance that Hillary Clinton would defeat Paul Ryan in a head-to-head race. If the establishment is going to oppose Trump partially on the basis that he can’t beat Hillary in a general election, Ryan is the last replacement they should be promoting.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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