Henceforth, here’s my FIVE WORD response to liberals demanding rights for illegal immigrants

How does the saying go, “we’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous?” We shared here the story about the SCOTUS unanimous decision — 8 to 0 — that the construction of congressional districts should be based on total population rather than representation of eligible citizens. Well, to be honest, I’m not head over heels about “eligible voters” because those who haven’t reached voting age, if they are Americans citizens, natural or legalized, do deserve representation.

However, it does concern me that we could be on the path of allowing the consideration of those here illegally in the development of congressional representation districts. Heck, we already have American cities granting sanctuary to those here illegally — I know, the progressive socialist left deems them “undocumented workers.”

A sovereign Constitutional Republic has borders to be secured and a rule of law that’s supposed to be followed. However, there’s a big group of people who don’t believe that, made up of violators and enablers. And now we have an even more ridiculous effort relating to the disregard of those in America illegally.

As reported by the New York Post, “A private college in Arizona is charging students a fee to fund a scholarship for illegal immigrants, a controversial move which supporters say gives a hand to those who need it but which anti-illegal immigration advocates call irresponsible.

Prescott College is tacking a $30 annual fee onto its $28,000 annual tuition to establish an annual scholarship for “undocumented” students, as part of a policy first proposed by students and faculty from the undergraduate and Social Justice and Human Rights Master of Arts divisions. While students can opt out of paying the fee, if they do nothing, it will be automatically imposed. Backers say it helps reverse what they call Arizona’s reputation as a “national example of discriminatory politics.”

“I am proud that our students take on the role of scholar activists,” said school President John Flicker, adding that the university is committed to “broaden access to higher education for a diverse group of students” and “mobilize its resources towards social justice.”

Supporters note that illegal immigrants are allowed to attend state and private colleges in Arizona, but in most cases cannot legally work or receive government grants or loans.

Making legal residents enrolled at the school pay for illegal immigrants’ education is a slap in the face to a generation already facing its post-college years saddled with enormous debt, said Andrew Kloster, legal Fellow for the Center for Legal & Judicial Studies at Heritage Foundation.

Let me be clear, this is a private institution. If they’re not receiving any federal funding, they’re free to make any lunatic decisions they wish. In the free market system, it’s simple: students don’t have to attend that college. They can refuse to participate in the fee as it appears stated. As I once heard an Army Senior NCO state, “you can’t fix stupid.” And yes, I do consider this a stupid idea.

Imagine any other country where a private institution charged a fee for students in the country illegally. The real question is not about the amount — $30 — but rather the principle. If I were a parent of a student attending Prescott College, I would object, and withdraw my child. The issue is about the atmosphere at that college which disregards the sovereignty of the nation. The issue for me would be what other insidious initiatives is this college promoting?

This is yet another example of colleges and universities no longer educating, but rather using certain policies to indoctrinate. Oh yeah, I’d best just shut up because I don’t want to violate the “safe space” of these students who’d prefer not to engage in debate.

How have we devolved into this state of existence where respect for the rule of law is viewed as a “national example of discriminatory politics?” Yesterday we shared what the European Union just admitted – they’ve lost control of immigration into their respective nations. And this has already had some very damaging and detrimental effects: mass sexual assaults, rapes, and Islamic jihadist attacks.

We have a front door, and gladly invite anyone to enter our country via that process and experience the American dream. However, I would ask the president of Prescott College if he locks the door to his residence? If he does, then is that not an example of a discriminatory practice? Why not leave the door wide open, allowing anyone to enter his home and take up residence?

As a matter of fact, he should then go and demand his neighbors provide a designated fee in order to provide “social justice” for those “uninvited” folks establishing residence in his home.

America is our house and locking the door is not discriminatory; it’s protective of those who occupy that sovereign piece of property. If the liberal progressive left wants the door wide open to our country, then take off the doors to your own home, and see how well that works out. No more living in gated communities and flying around on private jets.

The great hypocrisy of the left is that they demand, intimidate and coerce others to live by a standard they would not themselves. They tell Americans to be disarmed while they pay to have armed security guards. They seek to take money from others to redistribute for the expansion of their welfare nanny-state. They refuse to accept that the greatest power against poverty is job creation and employment.

Henceforth, every liberal progressive leftist that demands rights for illegal immigrants, my response will be, you first: take the doors off YOUR house.

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